The sun is shining brightly in Lisbon this morning. From today 07th November until the 10th November 2016, Lisbon is the “Europe’s Largest Technology Marketplace” with more than 50,000 participants at the #WebSummit2016. 


My Favourite track is the Future Societies with the topics:

  • What lies beyond the second machine age, Andrew McAfee, Principal Research Scientist, MIT
  • Finding your calling in the digital economy, Mathieu Nebra Co-Founder of OpenClassrooms |Leila Janah, Founder & CEO of Sama & LXMI Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation| European Union – Commision Joe Green Joe Green
  • What digital-first means to the state, Axelle Lemaire, Deputy Minister, Government of France
  • Growing computer science one woman at a time, Telle Whitney CEO, Anita Borg Institute for Women in Technology
  • Scale up, give back with Suzanne DiBianca |Nicole Glaros | Jay Simons
  • How technology can change the act of giving, Alexandre Mars Founder & CEO, Epic Foundation
  • Everyone wins in a global economy, Dambisa Moyo Global Economist| Miguel Frasquilho CEO, AICEP Portugal Trade & Investment Agency |Owen Jones Contributor, The Guardian

I will be sharing with you some key learnings and takeaways over the next few days.

But ahead of the main event grand opening tonight at 6pm, I scrolled along Lisbon streets yesterday to see how to city is preparing for this big event.

websummit-lisbon-35 websummit-lisbon-36

Here is a selection of local tuk-tuks in the centre of Lisbon if you are tired to walk.

Local delicacies not to be missed are the famous Pasteis de Belem. You will have to queue but don’t worry it goes fast and you get to chat to other hungry people waiting.

To view a different art from those in museums and galleries, walk along the river near the metro Cais do Sodre at the end of the green line to meet a local artist…Sorry I didn’t ask his name!

In the afternoon, enjoy live music with the talented and friendly duo of musicians, Miguel and Ricardo, from triciclo vivo band.

If you fancy some sightseeing, just walk along, take the tram or the bus to enjoy the city.

Check out also Roberto Lino’s list of favorite places in and around Lisbon.

Aside the already packed main event, several informal social gatherings are organised by participants to share experiences and create new meaningful relationships …over a cocktail. Look forward to meeting this inspiring community and building new relationships.

Please do not hesitate to connect if you are in Lisbon… and even if you are not in Lisbon but would like to keep informed.


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