As we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome the new year 2024, I am filled with a profound sense of gratitude for the most important thing I’ve enjoyed this year: an excellent health. I don’t take this for granted, as I’ve seen many people struggle with their health and even lost a few of loved ones.

Returning to Roots

My return to Togo, my country of origin, was a deeply enriching experience. with the opportunity to reconnect with family, friends and other with locals.

I gained invaluable insights into their needs and aspirations. I attended many events and was invited across a range of media platforms to talk about my work and my journey across many countries and cultures.

During an interview at Radio Victoire, I unpacked the crucial link between digital presence and effective leadership, urging leaders to embrace storytelling in the digital age.

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At New World TV special show on International Women’s Day, I discussed my passion for empowering women and my key takeaways from my chapter Fostering prosperity for African female entrepreneurs in the book ‘Africa-Europe Cooperation and Digital Transformation’.

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Sharing Knowledge Globally

Throughout the year, I had the opportunity to share my knowledge on personal branding, digitalisation, entrepreneurship and employee advocacy through a series of masterclasses, workshops and speaking engagements.

From leading sessions offline and online in Togo, Tampa Bay (Florida), Madagascar, Cote d’Ivoire, Vienna and UK, it was truly inspiring to connect with such diverse audiences and share expertise and experience.

ATDA Madagascar

At the Digital Transformation in Africa Forum-ATDA Madagascar, I contributed in a panel exploring diaspora dynamics, mobile learning, intra-African mobility, repatriation, and the workplace. I shared my 7-pillar framework to build a personal branding and how returning African talents can apply this framework to ease their reintegration.

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DigiFemmes Academy, Cote d’Ivoire

Delivered training to 150 women full stack developers trainees: Why and how to develop your personal brand as a full-stack developer in the digital age: The YEANICC method in 7 steps.

Kya Energy group, Togo

Personal branding and employee Advocacy training for the management team of Kya Energy group

KDA Pro, Togo

Training to Establish and Master a Brand Image to the mentees of KDA

Leadership training, Togo

Open training for leaders: What is Your Personal Brand?

ISLA – Langcenter International, Togo

Personal Branding Workshop for the students of the bilingual university Isla

Global Brand Summit (Vienna)

I had the honour and delight of moderating the panel on Brand, Digitalisation, and Women at the 19th Global Brand Summit held at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) headquarters in Vienna.

African Diaspora Professional Women (ADIPWO) 9th edition

We proudly unveil 2023’s cohort of 20 exceptional women, whose impactful work shines a bright light on Africa’s diverse talent and contribute to put the continent on the global stage. Check the full list.

Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life Podcast

In Season 9 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life, I delved into the heart of Employee Advocacy with insightful conversations with my guests dispelling common myths and revealing its true potential.

Done right, Employee Advocacy is not a forced marketing tool, but a mutually beneficial partnership built on trust and care. Employees thrive when empowered to share their voices, and companies benefit from their diverse perspectives and fresh ideas.

There are real-life stories, practical tips, and actionable strategies for both employees and organisations seeking to unlock the power of employee advocacy.

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You may also want to read my article published in; Why digital leaders should build their personal branding.

Continuous Learning

2023 also marked the successful completion of a course on Place Brand Identity with the International Place Branding Association. This broadened my understanding of how branding strategies can shape the global image of nations, cities, and regions.

AI for business

My fascination with the possibilities of generative AI has been growing as I learnt from online courses, discussions and playing with the tools. I held many masterclasses and webinars to share how to use generative AI to boost productivity and become your assistant.

Navigating Challenges – Lessons Learnt

2023 wasn’t without its moments of challenges. A lot came to a stand still the second half of the year, testing my resilience and prompting me to re-evaluate my priorities and career path.

I took a break including from social media to examine what truly matters to me and where I want to direct my energy. The thinking is not over yet but this introspective journey led to several key realisations:

  • The Value of Collaboration: While embracing the freedom of being an independent professional, I now have a stronger desire to collaborate with a passionate team and leverage the power of collective expertise.
  • The Price of Freedom: Recognising the importance of freedom, I also acknowledged the potential downsides of isolation and the need for a more balanced approach to career fulfilment.
  • Alignment is Key: When life feels off-track, it often signifies a misalignment between our actions and our deepest desires. Honing the courage to address this misalignment is crucial for achieving lasting satisfaction.

Towards a Bolder 2024

I’m stepping into 2024 with sharpened focus and a renewed vision.

  • Back to nucleus of change’s original mission: Empower individuals and organisations to adapt and thrive in the constantly evolving digital age.
  • Building Strategic Partnerships: Collaborate with innovative organisations to reimagine the changing world of work in the AI age..
  • Prioritising Joy and Meaning: Focus on what brings me joy and meaning whilst making a difference globally.

Join me in the 30-day Scary Ask Challenge

Back in 2022, I realised I don’t ask enough. I gave freely but didn’t ask for much in return. So, I decided to launch a challenge for myself, and a few friends called the “Scary Ask Challenge” (#SAC).

The idea is to ask for something every day that scares you but could also be transformative for your personal and professional life.

If you’re also ready to step outside your comfort zone, strengthen your “asking” muscles, and achieve something significant, join me in the Scary Ask Challenge! There are no strings attached.

Each day, we’ll have a specific activity that pushes our boundaries. We’ll kick things off on Monday, 1st January 2024. It’s going to be terrifying, but also loads of fun as we take on our fears together!

Join the challenge here

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🧨 Happy, healthy & prosperous 2024