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In this episode 104 of the Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, I am delighted to talk to Bradley Keenan, the founder and CEO of DSMN8, an employee influencer platform talks about the importance of enabling employees to be more active on social media. Bradley shares his background as a salesperson turned entrepreneur and how he came up with the idea for DSMN8.
He also explains the concept of employee advocacy 1.0 and 2.0, highlighting the shift towards empowering employees to advocate for themselves on social media.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Employee advocacy 1.0 focused on using employees as billboards for the company’s marketing content, while employee advocacy 2.0 enables employees to advocate for themselves and build their personal brands.
  • Employee advocacy gives employees permission to be active on social media and become recognised experts in their fields.
  • Bradley explains that some companies are more willing to hire external influencers than invest in their own employees as ambassadors, because it’s easier to hire them and there’s less risk involved.
  • There are two prerequisites for Employee advocacy success: shareworthy content & great culture
  • Why gamification can unwillingly reward bad behaviour and what to do instead.
  • How showing appreciation to employee ambassadors is key to stay motivated for the long run
  • Why for Bradley happiness now is more important than money in a few years
  • And many more insights and tips to start and run a successful employee advocacy program

Watch the episode 104 now.


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