Overview Episode 103

Welcome to Season 9 of the Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast!

I’m thrilled to be back, diving into the heart of what makes work truly meaningful.

In this season, we’re putting the spotlight on something I’m incredibly passionate about: employee advocacy, or as I like to call them, employee ambassadors.

Why? Well, because when people love where they work, it’s a game-changer and they want to share it with the world.

I’ve lined up an amazing array of guests who bring diverse perspectives to the table.

From platform owners in the Employee Advocacy space to CEOs who’ve successfully implemented advocacy programs, along with HR professionals and experts who know what it takes to build a culture that fosters employee loyalty, we’re covering it all.

We’re also delving into vital topics like Diversity and Inclusion, with a unique insight on Black individuals. And exploring the incredible power of Kindness and its profound effects on employee wellbeing.

Hearing personal stories and insights from guests across Africa, Europe, and the USA has been incredibly eye-opening. They’ve shared what drives them, where they find inspiration, and how they want to leave their mark on the world.

If you’re an employee, get ready to be inspired to take control of your career.

If you’re a business leader, this series will equip you with the tools to be a true inclusive leader and foster a culture that brings out the best in people.

So, gear up for a season of learning and empowerment, just as I have.

Join us every Tuesday for a new episode of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast!


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