Project Description

Friday 18 July 2017, New York City, USA.

How to be a Leader in Your Field, Combine Profit and Purpose, and Make A Difference in a Connected World

Have you wonder why many talented people with education, knowledge and talent settle for scarce opportunities and compete with thousands of other people desperate to get their next work or clients whilst other people, have been able to succeed beyond their wildest imagination? This second group of people have been able to attract lucrative opportunities, major deals and reach millions of people with their message. So what is the difference ? What made the latter successful when the former are struggling to get by?

Francine went on the quest to find out whether there were common traits that successful people share. With her reflection on her own experience and the stories that other thought leaders, experts, entrepreneurs shared with her, she started to see some patterns which led her to formalise her findings into a 7-pillar framework, YEANICC™ that anybody can follow to thrive in the digital age.

Author of the upcoming book Personal Branding in the Digital Age: How to Lead Your Field, Combine Profit and Purpose, and Make A Difference in a Connected World, Francine Beleyi is on a tour to explain the new paradigm of personal branding and why entrepreneurs and anyone committed to take control of their success and thrive in the digital age needs to be serious about building and live your personal brand. She is on a mission to empower a million of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to become the leading voice in their field, combine profit and purpose and make a difference in the world.

Francine Beleyi will share with you this framework, the insights and stories of those who have succeeded and how you too can create and live a powerful personal brand that attracts their dream clients and opportunities. . If you are yearning to live a fulfilled life, doing what you love whilst being recognised as a leader in your field, and make a difference in the world, this is a must attended event

** ALL Attendees will receive a FREE e-copy of Francine’s book on the released date! **

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photo: Bernd Untiedt/Wikimedia