Season’s greetings, dear purpose-driven entrepreneurs

I’ve prepared a unique selection of gifts for your holidays to prepare for 2023.
No sweet, no alcohol and no fat.
Just a healthy assortment of goodies to energise and inspire you to make the most of the upcoming year.
Pick one or more of these gifts and enjoy.
I look forward to welcoming you in the new year

Best wishes


Resources for Purpose-driven Entrepreneurs and Professionals 

Personal Branding in the Digital Age: How to Become a Known Expert, Thrive and Make a Difference in a Connected World’ by Francine Beleyi

What does it take to thrive as a professional, expert or business owner in the digital age? 81% of all buyers turn to the Internet to research the products and services they want. The question is: can you make yourself stand out during this search? This is where your ‘personal brand’ comes in. But how do you sell when you are the product?

Francine found common patterns distilled in an easy and clear framework, YEANICC, with seven pillars anyone can use to lead in their chosen field and get highly paid. Each of the pillars is illustrated by real-life stories, case studies, expert tips, thought-provoking exercises and action steps you can implement right now. So if you’ve ever wanted a simple roadmap to build an influential personal brand and live a more rewarding life, this book is for you.

(You’ll also receive the accompanying 80-page playbook to journal your ideas and thoughts to achieve your goals faster)

personal branding in the digital age paperback book

Redesigning A Thriving Post-Pandemic Organisation: How to Retain Your Talent & Turn Them into Your Biggest Advocates by Francine Beleyi

New 34-page whitepaper reveals how to stop bleeding dollars by proactively investing in your employee branding and retaining your best talent!

Many companies are haemorrhaging talent and losing significant money from the loss of their most valuable employees!

Want to retain your employees and attract new talent?

It’s all about creating a thriving organisation where people are excited to come to work. And it starts with the people that already work in your company.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • The seven most significant challenges to retaining quality employees right now
  • The seven keys to creating a thriving organisation that employees are excited about.
  • How to retain your top talent and attract new employees through the power of employee advocacy.
  • The seven practical steps you can take to get there.

Download your copy and learn how to stop bleeding dollars, euros or pounds by proactively investing in your employee brand and retaining your best talent!

How to Retain Your Talent & Turn Them into Your Biggest Advocates

Fostering Prosperity for African Female Entrepreneurs: Opportunities for AU–EU Cooperation in Digital Entrepreneurship Networks.’ by Francine Beleyi (chapter 16 Africa–Europe Cooperation and Digital Transformation)

This chapter explores how African female entrepreneurs use digital networks to create thriving businesses and support job creation. It examines how digital networks can facilitate access to peer support, mentorship, and business training, which help to boost women’s confidence and capabilities to run more successful businesses. The chapter concludes by laying out a series of recommendations related to how the digital network can support female entrepreneurship and job creation in Africa.

Africa–Europe Cooperation and Digital Transformation

Mini Personal Branding Audit

Find out how far you are from becoming a leading voice in your field
Are you an entrepreneur, business owner or professional with the skills, expertise and know-how to solve your client’s problem? Yet, you struggle to be in front of the right customers online?
Request a mini-brand audit session today. It’s a 30-minute complimentary call (value £250) where we will look at where you are now with your brand, where you want to be and together put a plan together on how you will impact thousands of people around the world.

Personal Branding for Impact (PBI) Test

Can you improve your career or entrepreneurial success through Personal Branding?

Answer 21 questions, and we’ll send you a personalised report. It is quick and free.

YEANICC 7 Pillars of personal branding

Accelerate Your Business & Career In 2023

Personal Branding for Impact: 8-Week Accelerator Programme

Are you looking to fast-track your success in 2023?

Join us in the PBI accelerator program starting Monday, 19 January 2023

Personal Branding for Impact: Accelerator Programme

Join the 8-week Accelerator Program to Boost Your Business

Secure your place in this Accelerator Program from Monday, 19 January 2023, to 06 March 2023.

Over the 8 weeks, learn how to Unleash Your Identity, Attract Your Ideal Clients & Create Consistent Cash in your Business by following your Individualised Path to Wealth.

Only 10 spots are offered.

personal branding for impact accelerator program