Two months ago, my dad passed away. Overnight. I didn’t have the time to say goodbye. I was due to call him after I returned from my trip to New York where I talked about innovative ways to bridge the management skills gap in Africa.

Back home, it was hard to see dad, lying on the bed and realising that he will not wake up again.  That was it. I said a final goodbye before the undertakers took him to his final destination to rest in peace.

The last two months were difficult to navigate. Circumstances force you sometimes to re-evaluate your priorities in life.

In the pillar #1 ‘Know yourself’ in my upcoming book Personal Branding in the digital age, I talk about our big why. Why we do what we do. What is the motivation behind our drive to succeed?

My bereavement provides me with a renewed perspective in life and a new ‘big why’. To take care of my mum, a courageous woman who lost her rock after more than 50 years of marriage.

Dad, Jacques Pouta Beleyi, was a career diplomat from Togo. A man who loved to serve his country and bring peace in the world. He received the title of Officer of the National Order of Merit (France).

Jacques Pouta Beleyi

My dad’s death triggered in me a renewed fire. A sense that now is the time to live fully, do what I love and focus on what matters the most in life.

Earlier this year, Lucy Kellaway wrote about her dad’s death and how it has been a catalyst in her decision to leave her journalist job at the Financial Times to become a teacher.

She also realised that many applicants to the school she co-created found the courage to switch career after the loss of a loved one.

We react to events in life differently. Which event has strengthened your desire to move forward and live more fully? Which resolutions did you take? Please comment below.

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