How is it possible that people leave their cushy jobs to become their own boss but are still unhappy in a job that they created for themselves?

I recently attended a gathering of entrepreneurs when the speaker asked how many people loved their job. Surprisingly only a handful of people raised their hand.

This may sound puzzling, but the answer is really simple!

The main reason some entrepreneurs are not happy in their life as a boss is that there are more skills needed to run a business than being an expert. And there are different types of businesses to suit different types of people.

Richard Branson for example is different from Beyonce who is different from Mark Zuckerberg; but all three are highly successful in their field.

The winning strategy of one category of entrepreneurs can be a losing strategy for others. Why? Because of the different types of energies or geniuses we have.

There are 4 main geniuses as you can discover in the slideshow.

❔ Which genius do you think you are?

Download the document with the 4 Geniuses below

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