In a previous post on personal branding, I’ve made the case that

“It enables you to stand out from the crowd, be easily recognisable and engage powerfully with your audience”

and outlined the 7 keys to build a personal authentic brand.

Studies have shown that there is a link between a CEO or a business owner personal brand and the performance of their organisation. But another reason to have a distinct personal brand from your company is that it opens more doors and enable better prospects for future ventures, even when you are no longer associate with the previous company.

Building a strong digital presence should therefore be part of every CEO, business owner or manager’s strategy to prepare for the future now to reap the benefits later.

The digital tools available today and social media such as LinkedIn, allow anyone to reach a wider community across the globe in an instant and video is one of the most powerful tools for that.

According to Keynotes report, online video advertising represents one of the fastest-growing advertising formats in the world and is expected to continue its explosive growth in the coming years. Videos are used everywhere on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and live streaming platforms like Periscope or Meercat.

Being able to incorporate videos in your profile building strategy is a MUST to reach the people you need. It can also help to build trust as people get to know you more personally, increase exposure and traffic to your website, provide insights into your topic or expertise, develop a loyal fan and community base, improve rankings on search engines as YouTube is now the number 2 search engine, attract new business partnerships, generate leads and ultimately increase sales.

However, a lot of people are not confident when it comes to present on camera and I would argue that 80% is psychology and 20% real reasons why it is so.

In the video masterclass, I teach a small group of people, how to use video to get more exposure, engagement, and sales.

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Francine Beleyi is a digital content strategist, entrepreneurial journalist, and change agent who helps businesses to produce engaging content for their audience and thrive in the digital age. She spends her days speaking with and studying the most successful entrepreneurs in the new economy, and sharing her findings with those who are open to new ideas and want to increase their results.

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