If you are looking to create an influential digital footprint and become a respected authority in your field, the fastest way is to create content that you control.

The reality is that we are now all marketers and publishers, regardless the business we are in. For the first time in history, anyone, from an individual to the smallest start-up, has access to the same tools as the biggest corporates to build their influence online.  

I am often puzzled that people could spend hours talking about their businesses and what they do, tell you how they help clients and be confident in their ability to do a good job and get results but just freeze when it comes to writing a blog post or a short article to share their knowledge with a wider audience. The reason they give:

 “I don’t know what to say!”

This happens again this week when I was discussing with a talented woman who was explaining how she helps business owners and other professionals to sort out all their admin, legal and HR documents important but boring bits that most entrepreneurs hate doing themselves.

This woman just loves organising all these documents and make sure that the paper work is done correctly and the right documents filed with the Company House. There is no doubt she is very good at what she does. But when I suggested she shares her knowledge and give tips to be on top of their legal obligations by starting a blog, she looked at me surprised: ‘What? A blog? I don’t know what to say.’

Really? She just spent the last 15 minutes talking to me non-stop about her work and now she is telling me that she has doesn’t know what to say?

The reason, I believe, why people are blocked is that they think that writing or blogging is different than talking to a friend, they think about a formal way of writing to look ‘smart’. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In my upcoming book, ‘Thrive in the digital age’, I talk about all the myths that people believe that prevent them to share their knowledge online and build an influential personal brand.

Here are 5 quick tips to start writing and sharing your expertise:

  • Tip #1 Write as you talk, in a conversational way. Don’t try to be formal or follow any particular style.
  • Tip #2 Do not edit as you write. Just put your ideas down even if they are full of mistakes. Don’t try to be both the creator and the editor at the same time. Keep writing.
  • Tip #3 If you really cannot get yourself to write and prefer talking, you can dictate to your phone and transcribe it back. Some apps will even transcribe it for you or you can ask someone on fiverr.com to transcribe it for you.
  • Tip #4 After you’ve put everything down on paper, now it the time to review it critically and edit it. Use the 5Ws & H to check you’ve put the essential elements of your story.
  • Tip #5 If writing is definitely not your thing, why don’t you try audio or video format?

No one will kill you if it’s not a masterpiece. The most important thing is to give valuable content. You can only get better as you practice.

What have you find prevent people sharing their knowledge online? Post your comments below and share the article with your friends.

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About Francine Beleyi

Francine Beleyi is a bilingual French-English digital strategist, communication and marketing consultant and speaker who helps people and businesses thrive in the digital age. She is the author of upcoming book ‘Personal Branding in a Digital Age and you can enrol in her free course How To Package Your Passions, Interests & Skills To Become A Highly Paid Expert.

Francine spends her days speaking with and studying the most successful entrepreneurs and leaders in the new economy, and sharing her findings with her clients and those who want to understand and master the new rules for business growth.

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