One of the most frequent questions I get asked is… “am I a Coach? a Mentor? a Consultant? a Trainer? a Speaker?”

Well, for the last 12 years I wore all these hats, however, I stop putting a label on what I do.

My approach to work is integrative. I have learnt that no one approach is enough to help clients to get lasting results.

Coaching is not enough: No matter how much you coach, the person won’t acquire the skills if what she needs is to develop an expertise that will get her to her desired future.

Training is not enough: Someone can acquire competency but without the right attitude, mindset and perspective she won’t reach her goals.

I have identified 5 key factors to achieve lasting results. Turn the pages in the document to find out.

With my Personal Branding for Impact model, you get to develop your self-awareness, boost your self-confidence, unleash your self-expression, build self-mastery, and establish your legacy.

❔ What is one of the key factors you find that bring you lasting change?

Download the document with the 5 Key Factors below

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About Francine Beleyi

I am Francine Beleyi, digital strategist, business mentor and personal branding expert. I am also the founder of nucleus of change and author of Personal Branding in the Digital Age: how to become a known expert, thrive and make a difference in a connected world. I am a speaker and the host of the podcast MWML podcast where I interview CEOs, entrepreneurs and thought leaders who share their journey both their success and struggles to inspire us to live a meaningful life.

I am on a mission to empowering purpose-driven business leaders to position themselves as an authority in their field, attract their ideal clients and impact thousands globally.

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