Continuing their previous discussion, four African women in Tech share their experience and the skills needed to succeed a career in Technology.

Lola Oyelayo-Director of Strategy & UX at Head London, Dr Tomi Oladepo- Digital Media expert, Kiran Yoliswa– Co-founder of Styled by Africa and Nana Fatimah– CEO of Techsis talk about the different aspects of their experience, the challenges of being a black woman and the most effective ways of dealing with them.

Below are the top 13 points to help new comers follow in their footsteps and succeed their career:

  1. Look inward to discover your key strengths and make it your niche. Think about what you want to be good at but be honest about your skills. You can also bring together many skills to build something unique
  2. Have a big picture of what you want to achieve but take baby steps. Start small from wherever you are now
  3. Build a strong network and don’t be afraid to ask for help
  4. Find a mentor who can show you the direction, challenge you and encourage you
  5. Have a higher standard for yourself and get ready to compete on international stage
  6. Learn to navigate different environments
  7. Never apologise for your presence and own the space you find yourself in
  8. Don’t be afraid to quit an environment where the value you bring in is not recognised
  9. When facing rejection and failure, tap into your faith, support network and past achievements to keep going
  10. Be business savvy. Understand the financial and sales aspects of the tech business
  11. Learn continuously, experiment and develop yourself personally
  12. Be ok with success when you get there and celebrate it; don’t be embarrassed or too modest
  13. Become a creator rather than just a consumer

Watch the part 2 of this fascinating and honest conversation where our four women also discuss the challenges of being a black woman in tech and how to navigate them.

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