Strategic Calls with Francine Beleyi

Are looking to become an influential Digital Leader? Or looking to create a new innovative business model? Or looking to accelerate your business results by leveraging the digital technology? Book a confidential strategic call with Francine Beleyi filled with action packed insights.

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What Our Clients Say?

“What I like the most about working with Francine is her clarity of focus and having to really think about the issues involved. She has a wide knowledge and experience across a variety of fields. She knows what she is talking about because she has been there and tried it or done it. Put succinctly – she delivers a comprehensive package tailored to the client’s needs, whatever their business. A targeted approach with probing questions accompanied by a forthright yet pleasant manner – that gets to the real facts, by which I mean not ones the client might like to pretend are the facts.”
Geoffrey Arnold Pinchin, Founder of DreamScapes Ltd
“Working with Francine has helped me focus the direction of my business; I have always felt respected, supported and encouraged to trust my own instincts. I never felt pushed into anything that I didn’t feel completely comfortable with. I always trust her judgement. Trustworthy. I would highly recommend working with Francine. She has given me the confidence in myself to grow and expand my business, while advising and supporting me throughout our relationship.”
Nina Gilbey, Founder of London Jewellery workshop
“Francine made a great job as a marketing expert. She identified the market opportunity & testing the start-up value proposition with customers. Then she created an instructional video interviewing potential customers including lessons learnt on how to find and interview customers. I would absolutely recommend working with Francine. Her knowledge and professional experience will be an unquestionable support for every company.”
Vadim Boyko, Founder of

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