Francine Beleyi is an award-winning Togolese, French & British digital strategist specialised in corporate and personal branding.

Francine Beleyi is an award-winning Togolese, French & British, digital strategist specialising in marketing and branding, business advisor, author and international speaker. She has a wealth of multidisciplinary and international experience across Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the United States, and Asia.

She shows purpose-driven leaders, entrepreneurs & professionals a powerful pathway to become thought-leaders in their field, Increase visibility & profitability and impact millions of people globally.

After spending a decade in the corporate world, Francine founded nucleus of change in 2008 to guide individuals and founders through personal and professional transformations.

Her mission is to make organisations a place where people are valued for who they are and the unique value they bring. She believes that true success lies in creating a workplace where employees are empowered, engaged, and transformed into powerful brand ambassadors.

Francine has shared her expertise with over 4,000 CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs both in English and French to create influential personal brands aligned with their professional goals.

She has received the trophy of Africanity in Marrakesh and was named one of the top 500 most influential Africans in the world in 2021, recognising her significant contributions to the global business landscape.


Francine Beleyi is a sought-after international speaker and has delivered keynotes and presentations at prestigious events worldwide, from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in Vienna, Les Impériales in Casablanca, AITEX in Rabat, Women in Manufacturing 4.0 in Montreal, GSBN/CGE event in New York, ING to Institute of Directors (IOD) in London. Her work has been featured in numerous media such as Computer Weekly, Tech Target, Femmes du Maroc, 2M, Le Matin, TVT, New World TV, Radio Victoire, Radio Lomé, and more.

She speaks on personal branding, employee branding/ employee advocacy, digital transformation, inclusive leadership, entrepreneurship & intrapreneurship, and opportunities for women in the digital economy. She delivers her talks in French and English worldwide.

Her captivating speaking style, combined with real-world insights and practical strategies, leaves a lasting impact on audiences, inspiring them to embrace change, build meaningful connections, and embrace their full potential.


Francine is the author of the book Personal branding in the digital age: how to become a known expert, thrive and make a difference in a connected world, where she reveals a powerful framework to build a great visibility and succeed in business and career.

She is co-author of the book “Africa–Europe Cooperation and Digital Transformation” chapter 16, ‘Fostering Prosperity for African Female Entrepreneurs: Opportunities for AU–EU Cooperation in Digital Entrepreneurship Networks’.

She is one of 18 women featured in the book IT Girls by Christiane Noll, Managing Director of Avanade in Vienna.


Francine is an advocate of digital literacy and enabling entrepreneurship ecosystems to support economic and social progress, especially in Africa. She also supports women empowerment and has played a key role in executive committees of leading charities like Professional Women Network (London).

Francine is the chief editor of the African Diaspora Professional Women (ADIPWO). Each year on international women’s day, she releases the top 20 women in Africa diaspora who are advancing the future of the continent.

She is a key founding member of African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative (AWEC), a one-of-a-kind training program that builds a pan-African community of aspiring and established women entrepreneurs.

Francine is also of The Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life Podcast, where she interviews thought leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to share their journey, experience and insights to live a meaningful live.


Thanks to her multidisciplinary and international background, Francine provides a holistic view of what businesses and individuals need to succeed in the digital age. She is able to connect seemingly unrelated subjects to build a coherent thread and create a compelling story with a unique perspective and positioning.

Francine started her career in IT becoming Head of Information Systems at 25 in a multinational firm. She then held various positions in the corporate world in investment banking, consulting and non-profit organisations before founding nucleus of change to help entrepreneurs, corporate executives and individuals to adapt and thrive in the digital age.

She holds a Master in Organisational Consulting and Change Management, a Bachelor in Finance and Accountancy and an HND in Computer Science applied to Management. She also holds the NCTJ diploma in Multimedia Journalism.


The content of Francine’s presentations is customised to suit clients’ needs and learning objectives of specific groups. Spend more than a moment with Francine, and you will never forget her! Her high content speeches are energetic, positive, and inspirational and quick start quality conversations and quality decision making.

When she speaks, she increases your understanding and insights dramatically, gives you the tools to boost your effectiveness and leverage your efforts. Francine’s honest and refreshing approach, her bubbly personality and ’tell-it-as-it-is’ manner are welcomed by audiences who are tired of being lectured by the book. She provides practical and easy steps to implement immediately to create lasting change.


Francine’s transformational programs have helped thousands of leaders, entrepreneurs, senior executives, and individuals to accelerate their results at critical moments in their organisations and life, to become more innovative and to adapt to the new economy.

With her wealth of experience and commitment to empowering individuals and organisations, Francine Beleyi is the ideal speaker to engage your audience and inspire positive transformation in the workplace and beyond.

 Sample Topics 

  • Building an Inspired Workplace-Making your Employees your best brand ambassadors
  • The Power of the Front Row: Empowering Girls in IT
  • Why Should Women Build a Personal Brand Equity
  • Boost Company Visibility & Impact with Employee Branding
  • Igniting Impact: Personal Branding in the Digital Age for Purpose-driven Leaders
  • Elevate Your Influence: Personal Branding for Aspiring Board Members
  • How to Develop Your Personal Branding  & Become a Recognised Leading Voice in Your Industry
  • Fostering Prosperity for African women entrepreneurs through Digital Networks: A Path to Inclusive Growth
  • Opportunities for Women in the Digital Economy

Who Benefits from Francine’s Talks?

Conferences and Events Organisers

If you are a conference organiser in the UK, France, Africa or elsewhere, Francine will  bring to your event, cutting edge and inspiring content for an unforgettable event with her passionate and fresh delivery style.

Business Clubs & Membership Associations

Inspire and provide thought provoking events to your members to grow their personal and professional life. If you are looking for a transformational event, Francine can provide you just what you need.

Small businesses, Entrepreneurs Hubs, Business schools

Francine understands the stages entrepreneurs go through from starting their businesses to growing and scaling it. She has mentored many business owners and will inspire your audience to go for the moon.


With her corporate background, Francine understands the challenges face by people in a big organisation especially during period of change. Francine will quick start conversation and enable people to build winning strategies for the future.

Women’s Organisations

Francine has the passion to develop and mentor women to a achieve higher level of performance and become more visible. If you want a powerful and inspiring speaker for your women’s event then you are in the right place.


Francine facilitates workshops and training sessions that introduce cutting-edge concepts, tools and techniques, with practical examples and interactive exercises to ensure participants can apply the learning.

What Events Organisers who Hire Francine Say?

“The content delivered by Francine was detailed and simple to follow. Francine’s delivery style is dynamic and energetic which is inspiring. A lot of new information came through. Our attendees find it dynamic fun and different. Jason-Louise Graham, Project Manager CoE Talent and Learning ING Bank

“Francine is a vibrant and insightful speaker! It was a great pleasure to have her as a panellist at the Women Leadership Forum in October 2020 at the United Nations headquarters in Vienna, Austria. She shared on how critical it is to empower women in the digital age. Indeed, digital tools are a total game changer allowing women to access markets, resources, networks like never before at an affordable cost with a greater impact. She also provided key actionable steps for women to build credible and strong personal brands relying on the YEANCIC framework.” Hawa-Saadou Kebe, Project administrator at UNIDO, Vienna

“IoD City has been organising an IWD celebration event each year for a number of years. Francine made very relevant points to the IWD discussion in a very engaging. confident and interesting way. We were very pleased with her presentation which undoubtedly contributed to the success of the event. Great to work with her.” Mei Sim Lai, OBE, IOD London City Branch

“The content of Francine’s training was excellent. I’ve organised many personal branding trainings and she had perspectives and an approach that I haven’t seen in other sessions. Francine’s delivery style is energetic, welcoming and warm with a high level of participation and interaction. She delivered a high impact session in a short time frame which was very engaging. We chose to work with Francine because of her focus on working with leaders who are motivated to make in impact.” Katie Petrou, programme manager, Inclusive Boards, UK

“We wanted to raise our beneficiaries’ awareness of the importance of creating and maintaining a personal branding as a future Full Stack Developer. We chose Francine for her mastery of the topic. we realized that she was very much in demand for personal branding topics and was often recommended. The learners have already started to put into practice what they’ve learned, and to better structure and define a clear communication strategy on their social media pages”. Sandra Takassi kikpa, Programme Manager, DigiFemmes Academy, Cote d’Ivoire

“Francine, you are amazing, I can’t thank you enough for the great workshop and high-quality content. It was full of great advice and inspiring content. Our attendees highly appreciated the content and the thought-provoking exercises during the workshop. They felt encouraged and energized to work on the various topics we discussed during the workshop”. Krisztina Szaraz – Professional Development Director PWA, Rome

“The session was very interactive and got the attendees very much involved in the session. Francine has thought provocative questions and seeks to impact her participants in their quest of understanding the importance of digital branding and of personal values. I learned from her the importance of mastering one’s expertise”. Cynthia E. Gnassingbe-Essonam, Super Entrepreneur, Togo

“Francine was well prepared, on target, informative, inclusive, energizing, engaging, embracing. It is a conversation, and she listens. Participants had a lot of AH Ha moments. I contacted her because of her mission to empower leaders and entrepreneurs and her expertise in the field. I love her drive and she know her stuff and is easy to work with.” Angela Romeo, Zaccato Concept LLC, USA

“Francine is a consummate professional. She is an excellent communicator; she delivers above and beyond expectations! Add in that she’s also a very friendly and approachable person, and the combination can’t be surpassed. If you’re looking for a reliable and exciting speaker for your next event, I highly recommend Francine. Book her before her calendar fills up! Everyone loved Francine! There were a lot of positive comments, and we received many, many excited and happy comment from the students. She was one of the most picked presenters in our Exit Survey when we asked them to pick 3 of their favourite speakers”. Annabelle Ship, Founder, CE0 & Lead Trainer | Bootstrap Business School, Inc. USA

“Mrs. Beleyi contibuted as keynote speaker to ifempower winter school Her presentation on “Digitalisation in business – online networking – online enterprise without boundaries” brought an important added benefit to the participants. Experiences of Mrs. Beleyi and her competencies are impressive. She also proved to be an excellent role model of female entrepreneurship.” Jürgen Raizner, Director of Steinbeis Centers in Region Stuttgart, Bucharest, Uzhgorod and Vienna

“As the associate that brings together professionals in the fields of marketing, communication, media, advertising and digital in Morocco, we organize an annual event to bring the best scientific content possible to our sector, in order to improve its knowledge and get inspired by worldwide best practices. We chose to work with Francine because of her expertise and learned a lot about personal branding. If you didn’t attend Les Imperiales 2020, you should definitely get her book.” Shehrazed Dada, LES IMPERIALES, Casablanca

“Francine is very reactive and focused on her client’s needs. The result was great! The conference was a success and the participants asked for more! She has a very warm character, open to comments and ready to adapt to different requests. She provided all material on time and perfectly managed all phases of the project: from the construction of the conference to the logistics and facilitation of it. Her good humour and enthusiasm are real assets that make people want to work with Francine. Francine is pleasant, fun, reliable and very efficient. I am very grateful to Francine for collaborating to the ESCP Europe Alumni Association and I wish that our partnership will continue for many years.” Iva FIORI, International Career Manager, ESCP Europe Alumni Association, London

What Attendees to Francine Talks Say?

‘Thoroughly thought provoking session filled with lots of little tips that can easily be put into practise’. Angela Brivett, Diverse Associates Ltd

‘The best seminar I have attended and very thought provoking’. Ralph Key,

‘The seminary was fantastic, it was a great opportunity to discover that the other participants were in the exact same situation of expecting some change: we were not alone in this quest. It was quite surprising as when I first stepped into the room, I didn’t know that I would get so close to the other participants within just 3 hours: some kind of great adventure within just three hours. The delivery was fantastic and the speaker managed to challenge us, surprise us, teach us new things and make us question our habits and our thinking system.’ Mat Hourteillan

‘The workshop altogether was very useful to understand the changes necessary for a firm to become successful’. Deputy MD Commercial Bank

‘Good job as very difficult task given unique and very difficult situation we find ourselves in’. Manager Commercial Bank

‘Very good delivery, was engaging and thought provoking. Interesting insights into strategic partnerships’. Luke Gee, Teleleads

‘I am very happy with the delivery that Francine has provided. We are all very blessed to have access to this information. Francine is an extremely charismatic and knowledgeable speaker. She provided many helpful tips throughout the seminar. A clear structure and a plan for action on completion of course’. Chantel  Daniel, Flux Model management

‘Excellent workshop. Francine was wonderful in explaining the benefits of partnership. She is a great speaker and very motivating’. Quyen Phan

‘It was good to hear about Francine’s own partnership stories and the pair work was very helpful. Got good contact. I am pre-start up and found this workshop very helpful as I firmly believe that I have to start with end in mind’. Caroline Obonyo, pre-start up

‘Very useful and inspiring. Loved everything about the seminar. The confidence exhumed by Francine is very inspiring’. Ferguson Rapu 

‘Thank you so much for your invaluable talk this Saturday, you have a lot of priceless ideas and information and I thank you so much. I have just started a new business and its a blessing for me to have you pointing me in the right direction’. Georgina D.

‘It was a true pleasure meeting you.  Thank you so very much for inspiring me and giving me the push to make some phone calls. Many many thanks, Melanie R

‘It was spiritual & gave me a chance to think about my current and future life. Thank you very much’

‘It was an inspiring workshop. It gave me an opportunity to be realistic about how I am doing and look into my strengths & weaknesses to move forward.’

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