It all started 12 months ago when I resolved to finish the book that I started writing many months ago but despite all kinds of resolutions never managed to finish.

This time it will be different I promised myself. I will finish this book by April after all the bulk is done and I only need to flesh out the outline and include real examples and stories. But April arrived, and I was nowhere near to finish the book! In fact, I kept adding new ideas I thought will serve readers.

I needed to do something different if I was serious to see this book out, so I managed to block time to write and write. It took me a lot more time than I previously anticipated. I thought I could manage it as a side project easily whilst working on my other paying projects, but the truth is that it consumed so much time. I had to work until late at night and during weekends and even become antisocial for a while.

I wrote so much that the manuscript I aimed to be 40000 words became 80,000 words and more…I had to decide to put the full stop to the writing phase to hand over the manuscript for editing. And surely this should happen before the summer. But the summer arrived and still no full stop in sight!

Until the unexpected forced me to put a stop to my writing and my other activities for a while. My dad passed away… There is suddenly a void, a dreamlike moment where you don’t fully apprehend what is going on and that things will never be the same again.

Even when you rationally know this may happen someday, the fear of losing a parent or a loved one has always haunted me. And when it happens, it feels surreal, numbing and forces you to face the reality and re-evaluate your priorities in life.

I put things on hold until I find the strength to resume writing again. Then October arrived and still haven’t finished. I’ve missed all my previous milestones, but I was determined to see the book out in 2017, no matter what.

I kept my focus and pressed the accelerator. The editing process was in sharp contrast with the writing phase as I was able to plan and execute the final step in less than a month. Finally, the book Personal Branding in the Digital Age: How to Become a Known Expert, Thrive and Make a Difference in a Connected World was releasedas eBook and paperback and audiobook. All three formats are now available to buy on Amazon, iTunes and Audible.

I am so excited the book is out now. My dad whose love of books I’ve inherited would have been so proud! But more importantly, I have been able to realise the goal I set out for the year 2017 and the sense of achievement is immense.

I’ve learnt a lot in this process of writing my first book and how focus, discipline, organisation and patience are essential ingredients as much as they are to achieve other goals in life.

Do you want to know more ‘behind the scene’ stories and how I managed to complete and launch my book and other tips to create your digital assets to become a leading voice in your field?

Join me on Facebook Live the 10 January 2018 at 7 pm GMT/ UTC where you can ask me any question to quick start your year 2018.

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I will see you there.

Ps: What have achieved in 2017 you are most proud of? and what is your key learning? Please share your comments below