Two Tools to help you create a Stress-Free Daily routine and get more done even in tough times


Are you struggling with working from home and be productive? Are you finding that you are unfocused, unorganised and have unproductive days regardless of how determined you are to get things done?

I have been working remotely for the last five years and have created 2 useful tools for you based on my routine and how the energy flows: the Integrated Planning Map & the Daily Productivity Calendar.

By using both tools, you’ll avoid being stuck in inertia and get things done more easily.



Integrated Planning Map

With the Integrated Planning Map, you will be able to choose a variety of daily activities that match the natural energy flow to avoid getting stuck in inertia and get things done easily.

This map will show you how to organise the 5 categories of activities to do every day to be more productive.

(Editable Word document and pdf)


Daily Productivity Calendar

With the Daily Productivity Calendar, you’ll keep in mind your top projects for the month, the weekly outputs that you need to achieve to move towards your monthly goals and your daily priorities all on a single sheet of paper. You’ll also access a daily calendar hour by hour where you can easily block time to accomplish your most important tasks.

This simple calendar will help you avoid any overwhelm by having in front of you the most important thing you should focus on.

(Editable Word document and pdf)