The marketplace is already bustling with opportunities and challenges this year. With so many things going on, it can be difficult to know where to focus your efforts in order to achieve your goals for 2023.

However, by identifying the trends and key areas that are likely to drive success, you can position yourself for success and smash your goals for the year. In no particular order, here are my 9 top predictions in 2023 when it comes to creating an influential and profitable online presence.

  1. Leverage Social Media Presence: As more and more people are using social media platforms to stay connected, you and your company need to focus on creating a social media presence that resonates with your desired audience. It involves creating content that you are passionate about and that your audience is also interested in. However, posting your content is no longer enough. You also need to engage with other people’s posts to be visible in their feeds and their networks.
  •  Tip: Start by finding 10-50 of your ideal audience who are active on the platform of your choice, follow them and comment on their posts with valuable insights as often as possible. You can also find the popular hashtags in your field to search for interesting content creators for inspiration or to partner with to reach a wider audience.
  1. Storytelling: Storytelling is a powerful tool to communicate your personal branding in a powerful way. Focus on creating compelling stories that capture the attention of your desired audience and showcase your brand in a positive light. This was a key trend last year and is still strong this year. Why? Because stories create an emotional connection with your customers and communicate your values in a very powerful way than anything else.
  •  Tip: Use a classic storytelling technique like the story arc also known as the hero’s journey. By using this structure, you can create a compelling narrative that will resonate with your audience and inspire them to join you on your journey.
  1. Embracing AI and Automation: AI and automation technologies are becoming increasingly important for personal branding. You can use these technologies to research ideas and automate processes such as content ideation, creation, social media management, and customer service.
  • Tip: One tool to keep your eyes peeled on this year is and its powerful chatGTP. It helps to ideate and provide answers to complex answers in a conversational manner, helping you to put together compelling content fast. But you shouldn’t take it as gospel.
  1. Increased use of Video Content: This was one of the key trends last year and remains strong this year too. Video is becoming one of the most powerful ways to engage with your audience and customers. It makes you look more humane, and you can convey much more in a video than in other media. Focus on creating high-quality video content that is valuable to your audience. It doesn’t necessarily mean using expensive material; a decent smartphone or camera with appropriate light should give you satisfactory results.
  • Tip: When creating content, don’t be promotional. Focus on what matters to your audience. Your videos can be educative, entertaining or both if you can manage to pull them off.
  1. Personalised Experiences: We are living in a world that is increasingly personal. You and your company need to focus on creating unique customised experiences to create deeper connections with your customers and meet the need of your target audiences and delight them.
  •  Tip: create targeted content, offer personalised discounts, and provide personalised customer service. This personalisation involves knowing your customers inside out, their preferences and goals.
  1. Virtual Events: Although many events are back in person after the covid-19 pandemic, virtual events and experiences are growing in popularity as a way for brands to interact with their customers. They are cost-effective and enable to reach a wider audience.
  • Tip: Create engaging virtual events and experiences that capture the attention of your target audience.
  1. Brand Transparency: Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the need for brands to be transparent and honest. They are looking for brands that are transparent about their practices and materials.
  • Tip: Focus on being open and honest with your customers and creating content that reflects this.
  1. Community Building: Community building is a crucial aspect of success in today’s business world. Companies are increasingly engaging with customers and fans to build up their communities and foster loyalty. It is essential that you begin to understand how to build a strong community as well.
  • Tip: Start building your community by identifying and engaging with your target audience. Use social media, email marketing, and other tools to reach out to potential community members and start conversations. Encourage engagement and participation by asking questions, sharing content, and creating opportunities for feedback.
  1. Employee advocacy: More companies recognize the power of their employees to influence and engage with customers, partners, and other stakeholders. In 2023, many more companies will embrace employee advocacy to build trust and credibility, generate leads, and increase brand awareness.
  • Tip: Provide training for your employees on how to be effective brand advocates and establish clear guidelines. This will help ensure that your employees are able to make the most of their personal networks and promote your brand in a way that is authentic, transparent and consistent with your company’s values.

❓What is the trend that you are most excited about?

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