What does it take to thrive in the digital age as a professional, expert or business owner?

81% of all buyers turn to the Internet to research the products and services they want to purchase. The question is: can you make yourself stand out during this search? This is where your ‘personal brand’ comes in. But how do you sell when you are the product?

A decade ago, author Francine Beleyi became obsessed with these questions as she left her corporate job to start her consultancy:

  • Why are some people constantly given lucrative opportunities, advance faster in life, and are out there crushing it?
  • How to identify and package the unique value you can offer to others, and deliver it consistently?
  • How to build credibility as an expert in your chosen speciality and attract lucrative opportunities rather than chase them?

As a business owner, coach, trainer, consultant, and having conversations with leading experts in the new economy, Francine found common patterns distilled in an easy and clear framework, YEANICC TM, with seven pillars anyone can use to lead in their chosen field and get highly paid.

The book Personal Branding in the Digital Age: How to Become a Known Expert, Thrive and Make a Difference in a Connected World Each of the pillars is illustrated by real-life stories, case studies, expert tips, thought-provoking exercises and action steps you can implement right now. If you’ve ever wanted a simple roadmap to build an influential personal brand and live a more rewarding life, this book is for you. Best of all, you are not left alone. A link to free resources, training and support is included in the book,

Francine’s seven pillars for building a personal brand, especially in the digital age, is a vital must-read. The digital age can make both a positive and negative impact on our personal brands very quickly, and Francine’s approach lays out a useful way to manage your brand effectively with high impact case studies for reference.” —Russ Shaw, Founder of Tech London Advocates

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