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Your Digital Pack Includes

  • Personal branding in the digital age eBook (mobi, pdf, azk format)

  • Personal branding in the digital age Audiobook

  • 80-page Playbook to journal and log your progress

  • Full interviews in the book: Read the full interviews of the experts featured in the book to get greater insights

  • Content Calendar 2022. Includes everything you need to plan your content ahead of time and take the guess out of your work to ensure consistency: Daily content calendar 2022, Weekly content calendar 2022, Monthly content calendar 2022, Social media plan, Partnership Sheet (use this to identify and track potential partners), Interview schedule 2022, etc

  • Productivity tools: Daily productivity calendar (plan a productive day), Eisenhower matrix (sort out the most important and urgent tasks), Integrated Planning Map for your Daily activities

  • Success network map template: use this sheet to build your impactful network in the 8 most important categories

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What Readers Say

Everyone, but particularly the younger generation, face enormous challenges in the world today, and even more in the years ahead. One critical area involves making choices between the vast number of possibilities now associated with personal development. These choices are increasingly linked to the growing impact of the digital world on every aspect of our lives. Francine has produced a thorough and readable tour of the issues. It is one of the first books that attempts to provide insightful advice on both areas and how we can manage these challenges more effectively. The book makes an invaluable contribution to helping us all lead more rewarding lives, beyond the unsustainable obsession with making more and more money. The book should be widely read — and used, together with the online resources that are associated with it.

Dr Bruce Llyod, Emeritus Professor of Strategy , London South Bank University

I didn’t expect that a book called ‘Personal Branding in the digital age’ would have a lot to say for me personally; I am a professional journalist and I understand the way social media and digital technology works. But the book is much broader than its name might imply. I suppose, more than anything else, its encouraged me to think again about the way I organise my life, what my priorities should be and how I should use my time.

Bill Goodwin, Premium content editor, Computer Weekly

When I took my writing and art business Online a number of years ago, I struggled with branding because of the multiple interests that had consumed me. Locally I was able to stand out using various methods to promote myself and because of what I offered, but once I took my business Online, I found it increasingly difficult to stand out with each year.

I wish that Personal Branding In The Digital Age by Francine Beleyi had been available at that time when I needed it. I believe it would have helped me better focus on the most relevant business model for my interests and abilities. However, I recently changed my website theme and was able to use many of her branding techniques. What stood out to me was her emphasis on the person behind the product rather than the product itself when defining specific branding needs and then developing and designing them.

I was very impressed with the leadership she shared from her own experience and through her brilliant 7 Pillars To Create An Influential Personal Brand. It’s clear from reading through each pillar that personal branding goes beyond the general product branding that doesn’t have the benefit of reaching and growing the specific targeted audience needed for success.

Francine is a digital and change strategist, business advisor and speaker. Her book offers an abundance of information, references, interviews of exceptional and successful business leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers and much more. It also includes a link for great bonuses to use with the book that include templates, planners, complete playbook, action guide and more. I highly recommend this system to anyone new to having an Online business or having trouble succeeding with one already established.

Margaret Lukasik