Six amazing female tech entrepreneurs in London, share their success stories as well as their challenges and advocate for Gender Equality.

Taking part in this inspiring and honest discussion held at Croydon Tech City last week were:

  • Maya Gura, CEO MissBeez
  •  Suki Fuller, CEO Miribure
  • Claire Cockerton, CEO EntiQ
  • Jennifer Arcuri, CEO HackerHouse
  • Ghislaine Boddington, CEO Body<Data<Space
  • Sarah Luxford, Croydon Tech City

In the series of videos below, you will learn:

  • How Maya is using beauty tech, a juicy market of $400bn, to empower women
  • Why women are likely to wait for another 80 years to achieve parity
  • Unconscious bias women face in the workplace and how men can help to fight sexism
  • Why female founders should grab the title they deserve…or not
  • Challenges faced when fundraising and why Claire has created Fin4fem to educate women founders
  • Why you should follow Suki’s advice and not be afraid to be you
  • Where the next start-ups ecosystems are forming, the next big trends, and more

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