Instagram launched its first ever conference dedicated to #Instapreneurs and brands present on the social media in Paris on Saturday 17/06 as the platform is becoming an important channel for businesses looking to engage their customers with visuals like photos, video and stories.

Around 60% of the 700 million Instagram users say they have discovered a new product or service on the image sharing platform.

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Jim Squires, Instagram Head of Business, launched this event dedicated to small businesses with brands across fashion, sports, art, decoration, food, beauty, health and baby products.

‘We chose France because a great diversity of brands is already present on our application and show the scope of possibilities on Instagram,’ says Mr Squires.

Among the 50 small businesses handpicked to showcase how they use the social media to grow their business and meet their fans was Shantybiscuits, a personalised biscuits business, started by Shanty Baehrel, 28.

Shanty left her job in aeronautics in 2013, 6 months after starting her venture to run the business full-time. She credits Instagram for playing a key role in the rapid development of her company as clients and fans around the world shared the images of her inspiring biscuits. She said that in the past month, most of the traffic to her website came from Instagram rather than Google. It’s worth reminding that Instagram now belongs to Facebook.

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