❓ Can Personal Branding be the solution to a greater Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in the workplace in these testing times?

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I’ve talked about ‘Digital Transformation: How Companies Can Reinvent Their Brand by Leveraging Personal Branding’. I put forward the case of how companies can leverage their employees’ Personal Branding to do more business, retain and attract top talents.
Then came along the Covid-19 and a more significant emphasis of the Black Lives Matter movement and how to change the way we live and work together in society. Both phenomena are accelerating the trends I mentioned in my talk.

How do we allow employees to bring their whole self at work? How do we ensure that no matter who we are, our uniqueness is celebrated rather than punished?

If you are reimagining how your business can do a new comeback post-covid and create a happier and more productive workplace, I can help.

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