When Les Imperiales invited me to present at this year event under the theme ‘Brand & Tech’, I was thrilled to share my perspective on Branding. What I learnt for preparing both a 15-minute keynote and a 3-hour workshop is that the shorter the presentation, the longer it takes to get your point across clearly and succinctly!

It was a fantastic opportunity to participate in the vibrant 7-day event with top experts in Branding, Media, Tech from Africa, Europe, USA, and to learn from each other at #LI2020. The most beautiful thing was the camaraderie and friendship amongst the speakers and contributors.

2M TV captured some of the key highlights of the event

In the workshop, participants discovered how to develop their Personal Brand in 7 steps with the YEANICC methodology I present in my book ‘Personal Branding in the digital age: How to become a known expert, thrive and make a difference in a connected world.’

They also learnt how to write a personal #missionstatement to serve as a guiding light in their personal and professional life. Here is a summary of what happened in the workshop by Le Matin [French]

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In the keynote: ‘How companies can reinvent their brands by leveraging personal branding, I highlighted why Personal Branding matters when it comes to Brand Reinvention. I’ve presented some academic research and real cases that explain the rapid rise of personal branding and how corporate brands are leveraging it for business development. But also, how brands who are turning to external influencers to promote their products and services could leverage internal personal branding. More about this in a future post.

Many thanks to Les Imperiales fantastic team for a royal welcoming and experience😊 Anouar SABRI Shehrazed Dada Samir BENELHADJ Zainab NACHAT Salma Dadi Tarik Mounim etc.

It was great to meet my co/presenters and new friends Emmanuelle petiau Sam Moorthy Alexandre MAROTEL Amine Bentahar David Rozencwajg FOWNDI EDOUKOU AKA Cornelius ‘Hank’ Washington Jayde Vincent and many other amazing participants. You guy rock 💪 💪 💪

If you are looking to develop your personal brand for yourself or are a company looking to leverage personal branding for business, book a call with me to discuss.