Crowdfunding, the art and science of appealing to the crowd to fund a personal project is becoming a fast growing method used by many individuals and businesses across industries to get off the ground a venture that might not to see the light.

In this 3-part series on ‘how to use crowdfunding to launch your projects’ we will learn from two journalists, Peter Jukes and Martin Hickman, how they have successfully crowdfunded their journalism projects and how you can do the same.

Peter Jukes has pioneered journalism crowdfunding in the UK when he appealed to the crowd to fund his coverage of the widely publicised 2014’s phone hacking trials and his first book Beyond Contempt and then persuaded 1500 readers to ‘pre-buy’ his next book on phone hacking, ‘The Fall of the House of Murdoch’.

Martin Hickman, is an investigative journalist, founder of Canbury Press and co-author of ‘Dial M for Murdoch’ and covering the #WallisTrial using crowdfunding.

In this first part Martin tells how he met Peter, got embarked into the crowdfunding world to then becoming Peter’s publisher. Watch now

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In the second part we will hear about Peter’s story and the series of accidents that led him into the world of crowdfunding.

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