Welcome to #NOCTechAfrica series, where I interview inspiring African Tech entrepreneurs, in the diaspora and on the continent, to explore how to unlock the immense potential of Africa and what it takes to succeed on the continent.

In this first episode, I am in conversation with Eunice Baguma Ball, from Uganda.

She is the founder of Africa Technology Business Network (ATBN), a London-based organisation that is creating a bridge between the UK and Africa technology ecosystems with the aim of unlocking profitable opportunities for businesses in both economies.

With a background working in Tech and mobile payment companies, Eunice tells us:

  • Why Africa is ahead in mobile payment solutions
  • How she became an entrepreneur and created ATBN
  • The tech success stories she finds inspiring in Africa
  • Insights to better understand the African Tech ecosystem
  • What excites her about the current African Tech scene
  • The importance of a support network to navigate the entrepreneurial marathon
  • Her experience as woman in Tech and her original perspective
  • Why personal branding is key to achieve her mission
  • How the African diaspora can maximise their efforts on the continent
  • How British (and other western) businesses can be part of the Tech revolution in Africa
  • As well as funny and inspiring anecdotes

Watch the insightful conversation now

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