We know by now that life is not eternal and death is inevitable, and yet when it strikes, it can really throw us off our game.

Last Friday I lost my mum. It was sudden and took me off guard. We spoke the Saturday before and I was looking forward to catching up again on Saturday as we usually do. Sadly this was no longer possible!

That week I started to outline a promotion plan for the last quarter of this year with a lot of new ideas that I am looking to experiment with this launch and helping more people to create digital programs and attract their ideal clients.

No need to tell you that I couldn’t continue working on my promo plan. I delayed it for a few weeks to focus on the preparations of the funerals. The travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic means that regrettably, I am not going to say farewell properly as I can’t get back home 😢.

How do you stay sane during this shaky time?

Some of you may have been through a similar moment this year when you lost a loved one or just been through a tough time for various reasons. So, you know how it feels. As I am reflecting on my plight, I’d like to encourage you if you are at a low point to keep at it as this too shall pass and brighter days are ahead.

Here are 3 key learnings that are helping me navigate my own circumstances:

  • You got to manage your internal state: When unexpected news or events happen don’t freak out: face your anger, your fear, deal with your internal state; don’t get into denial mode and pretend nothing is happening
  • It is ok to feel sad and down: Take some time out if you don’t feel like working but don’t stay there for too long and share your pain and emotions with others. It doesn’t hurt to be vulnerable and accept support.
  • Try to keep your habits and commitments: Get enough sleep, eat well, don’t indulge in junk food, move your body and keep your exercise routine. Don’t overwork to compensate or underwork

After a somewhat wobbly week, I am getting back to planning my next launch. I will let you know about that in my next posts.  It’s hard to get out of a sluggish state and back up again, but if you are committed to the next level in your life, this is the right thing to do. Get back up and keep moving.

Lots of love

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