Do not ask how technology is changing Africa but rather how Africa is changing technology,

declares Dr Clapperton Chakanetsa Mavhunga, Associate professor of Science, Technology, and Society at the MIT.

Behind this thought provoking question, is the reality on the continent and the innovative initiatives we are witnessing every day.

In this last episode of the four-part series, ‘Voyage in the land of platform businesses’, I am offering you a snapshot of sub-Sahara African platforms, their characteristics and how the numerous challenges to launch and grow platform businesses are being transformed into new opportunities, creating a virtuous cycle of innovative platform businesses to solve the previous challenges.

The infographic below gives an overview of the current African platform landscape based on ‘The Rise of African Platforms, regional Survey’, by Dr Olayinka David-West, Professor, Lagos Business School and Peter C. Evans, Vice President, CGE.

This is not an exhaustive inventory of platforms in Africa, as new players enter this growing market, other actors move on and consolidations are made. Enjoy the discovery.


Download a high resolution pdf or jpg version of the infographic.

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