🧨Welcome to 2021, a year I hope to bring renewal, a greater understanding of ourselves and empathy for others.

I wish you a prosperous year 2021, good health, love and happiness.

No matter what life throws at you this year, remember that you have survived 2020 and can face this new year with confidence in your ability to work things out.

💡One of the realisations I made in 2020 is the Power of Community. I knew that having a strong community was crucial in achieving our goal faster and with a bigger impact and have elaborated on that in the pillar 7 ‘Build your Community’ in my book Personal Branding in the Digital Age.

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we saw our old references and our sense of identity crumbling in front of our eyes. I had to admit how blessed I was to be part of several communities to share the journey. I wasn’t alone in this circumstance, and that kept me grounded despite a few hardships along the way and losing my mum.

👐🏽Another thing that brought me joy was to be there for my clients, friends and family, hold the space and help them navigate some deep patterns, raw emotions, and hold on until the storm passed.

❤️‍🔥My passion is to empower change-makers who are passionate about achieving great things for themselves and others, make the money they deserve and share their message & gifts to make the world a better place.

🛑You don’t have to be alone and can rely on a supportive community to stay productive and focused on what matters the most whilst learning the skills you need to position as an authority in your marketplace.

That’s why I am excited to let you know that the door of my community, the Leading Voice Circle (LVC) is opening soon.

🍯If you are determined to achieve your goals and looking for a supportive community to support you in the moments of doubts, challenge you when you become complacent and celebrate your wins, I invite you to join my community.

I will be opening 10 spots only. If that is you, Apply to join.

About Francine Beleyi

I am Francine Beleyi, digital strategist, business mentor and personal branding expert. I am also the founder of nucleus of change and author of Personal Branding in the Digital Age: how to become a known expert, thrive and make a difference in a connected world. I am a speaker and the host of the podcast MWML podcast where I interview CEOs, entrepreneurs and thought leaders who share their journey both their success and struggles to inspire us to live a meaningful life.

I am on a mission to empowering purpose-driven business leaders to position themselves as an authority in their field, attract their ideal clients and impact thousands globally.