Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015

Global entrepreneurship week Uk

Global Entrepreneurship Week is a week of global activities that highlight and celebrate entrepreneurship and its social and economic benefits, including personal empowerment and job creation.

Upcoming Events 

November 2015: Tues 17/11 – 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Venue: ESCP Europe London Campus-527 Finchley road

The 9-steps to Build a Business aligned with your lifestyle

November 2015: Wedn 25/11 – 7.00pm to 8.00pm
Venue: Online, Webinar

Creating a Personal Brand Equity

How To Rise Through The Noise In The Digital Age!

Francine Speaker’s Profile

Bilingual French-English, digital communication and marketing strategist, entrepreneurial journalist, speaker, and change agent who helps businesses and individuals to thrive in the digital age.

Francine is also a powerful speaker and a champion for action. Her transformational programs have helped hundreds of senior executives, entrepreneurs, and other professionals across industries to accelerate their results at critical moments in their organisations and life, to become more innovative and to adapt to the new economy.

Francine’s focus is not merely on motivational but transformational and authentic leadership. From own experience and helping hundreds of people, she understands what it takes to negotiate change successfully and adapt to a new environment.

She speaks on digital marketing, the new business models, change leadership, entrepreneurship and personal effectiveness topics. The content of her presentations is customised to suit clients’ needs and learning objectives of specific groups.

Spend more than a moment with Francine and you will never forget her! Her high content speeches are energetic, positive, and inspirational and can quick start quality conversations and quality decision making. When she speaks, Francine increases dramatically your understanding and insights, gives you the tools to increase your effectiveness and leverage your efforts.

Francine’s honest and refreshing approach, her bubbly personality and ’tell-it-as-it-is’ manner are welcomed by audiences who are tired of being lectured by the book. She provides practical and easy steps to implement immediately to create lasting change.

Francine is passionate about women empowerment to rise for leadership. She has served on the steering committee of European Professional Women Network-London, as head of leadership & programming for ‘High Potential’, where she played a key role in the successful relaunch of the network. She has mentored women in business to get to the next level and has created ADIPWE, an online forum for African Diaspora Professional Women in Europe to share inspiring and untold stories. She is a friend of Women in Diplomatic Services (WDS) in London and a member of the Executive Committee.

Thanks to her multidisciplinary background, Francine has a holistic view of what businesses and individuals need to succeed in the digital age. She has worked in France, West Africa and the UK for major corporations such as TOTAL, BNPPARIBAS investment bank, AXA and CFAO, successfully leading and supporting multi-million-pound change projects and also for not-for-profit organisations and start-ups.

Francine holds a Master’s degree in organisation consulting and change management, a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance and a degree in Information systems. She is also trained as a multimedia NCTJ journalist.

What attendees to Francine talks and seminars say?

‘Helpful to make us think and to prepare for the future, equipping ourselves with tools that help us survive a very difficult period. Very well structured and delivered with the capacity of creating bonding in a group which was not convinced about the benefit of the workshop at the outset. I am very thankful that Francine has provided us with an opportunity to get together and to reflect on the changes we are experiencing.’ HR manager

‘Thoroughly thought provoking session filled with lots of little tips that can easily be put into practise’. Angela Brivett, Diverse Associates Ltd

‘The best seminar I have attended and very thought provoking’. Ralph Key,

‘The seminary was fantastic, it was a great opportunity to discover that the other participants were in the exact same situation of expecting some change: we were not alone in this quest. It was quite surprising as when I first stepped into the room, I didn’t know that I would get so close to the other participants within just 3 hours: some kind of great adventure within just three hours. The delivery was fantastic and the speaker managed to challenge us, surprise us, teach us new things and make us question our habits and our thinking system.’ Mat Hourteillan

‘The workshop altogether was very useful to understand the changes necessary for a firm to become successful’. Deputy MD Commercial Bank

‘Good job as very difficult task given unique and very difficult situation we find ourselves in’. Manager Commercial Bank

‘I enjoyed hearing what I have never heard before’. Leonard Okonkwo

‘Very good delivery, was engaging and thought provoking. Interesting insights into strategic partnerships’. Luke Gee, Teleleads

‘I am very happy with the delivery that Francine has provided. We are all very blessed to have access to this information. Francine is an extremely charismatic and knowledgeable speaker. She provided many helpful tips throughout the seminar. A clear structure and a plan for action on completion of course’. Chantel  Daniel, Flux Model management

‘Francine is fantastic; very good 2 hours seminar I recommend to everybody’. Alexandra Ferreira, Fitness instructor

‘Excellent workshop. Francine was wonderful in explaining the benefits of partnership. She is a great speaker and very motivating’. Quyen Phan

‘Info on contract agreement was very useful. I will recommend it to others’. Adrian Kowal, evolve Wellness Center

‘It was good to hear about Francine’s own partnership stories and the pair work was very helpful. Got good contact. I am pre-start up and found this workshop very helpful as I firmly believe that I have to start with end in mind’. Caroline Obonyo, pre-start up

‘Very useful and inspiring. Loved everything about the seminar. The confidence exhumed by Francine is very inspiring’. Ferguson Rapu 

‘Thank you for a detailed presentation Francine. Your experience of personal partnership is invaluable’. Mbeko Waseme,

‘Thank you so much for your invaluable talk this Saturday, you have a lot of priceless ideas and information and I thank you so much. I have just started a new business and its a blessing for me to have you pointing me in the right direction’. Georgina D. 

‘It was a true pleasure meeting you.  Thank you so very much for inspiring me and giving me the push to make some phone calls. Many many thanks, Melanie R

‘The workshop made me think about and look at my life & helped to decide what I should do to achieve my goals’ 

‘It was spiritual & gave me a chance to think about my current and future life. Thank you very much’

‘Very dynamic presentation. Useful & very clear. Very well managed keeping in mind the nature of the topic’

‘Very helpful in identifying how to realign my beliefs ‘

‘Great introduction to tools that I can use in my own life and when working with people I will be coaching’

‘Love practical exercises and interaction with other participants’

‘Fun to share our experiences with people we didn’t know before’

‘The presentation was designed in such a way that everything connected is very useful. Well done!’

‘Really inspirational + knowledgeable speaker’

‘Found lot of good tips I can apply straight away’

‘I am determined to shift my financial and physical insecurities thanks to Francine. Meeting Francine and the questions stimulated a useful discussion using the tools we were using at the seminar.’

‘It was an inspiring workshop. It gave me an opportunity to be realistic about how I am doing and look into my strengths & weaknesses to move forward.’