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22 November 2022 | London, UK

Digital Communication Strategist and Personal Branding Expert Suggest New Way to Foster Prosperity for African Female Entrepreneurs in a New Book.

  • A new approach to help African women entrepreneurs develop their businesses, access new markets and financing opportunities.
  • Many female entrepreneurs in Africa still face substantial challenges to growing profitable businesses.
  • Francine Beleyi coins the term ‘Online Digital Social Networks’ (ODSN) in a new book.

Currently, many African women entrepreneurs lack:

  1. Business training, mentoring and support
  2. Access to finance, markets and information
  3. Access to digital networks and associated opportunities
  4. Confidence and trapped under the weight of social norms
  5. Digital tools, internet infrastructure and affordable internet

Francine Beleyi, digital and change strategist and founder of nucleus of change is advocating the use of Online Digital Social Networks (ODSN) to help African women create thriving businesses and support job creation.

Her theory is explained in the first comprehensive book about ‘Africa–Europe Cooperation and Digital Transformation’ published by Routledge today.

In chapter 16, ‘Fostering Prosperity for African Female Entrepreneurs: Opportunities for AU–EU Cooperation in Digital Entrepreneurship Networks’, Francine Beleyi examines how ODSN can facilitate access to peer support, mentorship and business training which help to boost women’s confidence and capabilities to run more successful businesses.

Francine Beleyi also shows that by supporting the development of ODSN, the EU and AU could contribute significantly to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

The chapter concludes with lessons learned and recommendations on how the ODSN can support women’s entrepreneurship and job creation in Africa.

Francine Beleyi said: “The growth of the ODSN has the potential to offer African women entrepreneurs a host of different advantages, notably by improving their access to formal and peer support, mentorship and opportunities to market and pitch their products better.

“In the process, they can access invaluable training opportunities and build wider ‘entrepreneurial social capital’”

“This, in turn, can play an important role in helping them to develop their businesses further, access new markets and financing opportunities.”

The book is available to purchase as print version on Routledge website

The Open Access version of this book is available at

Funding for making this publication Open Access was provided by the German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS) and the European Centre for Development Policy Management.

About the author Francine Beleyi

Francine Beleyi is a British-Togolese, award-winning digital & communication strategist, author and international speaker.

She is the founder of nucleus of change. Her mission is to empower purpose-driven founders & leaders worldwide to increase their profit & visibility and make a bigger impact.

She is passionate about empowering women and young people with entrepreneurial mindsets, recognising their strengths, creating value, and leveraging digital technologies to create thriving businesses.

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