The #NOCTechAfrica series continues, with the interview of inspiring African Tech entrepreneurs in the diaspora and on the continent to explore how to unlock the potential of Africa and what it takes to succeed on the continent.

In this 3rd episode, I am in conversation with Emefa Kpegba, a Social Entrepreneur from Togo, Africa IT Women ambassador in Togo, Women TechMakers – Lome Lead, Co-Organizer of Google Developers Group Lome, and creator of OMobileFunding platform.

Her crowdfunding platform, has received many recognitions including being shortlisted in 2013 at the Africa Forum in the 100 innovations for sustainable development and in 2015 at the TechCamp West Africa in Accra and at the AppsAfrica in Cape Town .

Emefa tells us:

  • What makes OMobileFunding specifically an African crowdfunding platform
  • Why crowdfunding is an African concept that is lost but needs to be revived
  • Her journey from doctor studies to telecom and tech entrepreneur
  • The difficulty to convince people to get involved and her hopes
  • Why building a trusted community is crucial for the success of the platform
  • Why she wants to see a change of mindset in Africa
  • How to inspire women in tech to be more visible and getting out there
  • The power of imagination to change any situation
  • Why people can use mobile technology to create useful content rather than just chatting on Facebook or WhatsApp
  • Why the government should take action to increase tech literacy
  • Why not having a high speed internet is not an excuse to stand still
  • A few ideas for the diaspora to get involved on the ground
  • And much more

Watch the insightful conversation now

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