“Over a 90-minute journey in Central London, you probably see 300 advertising. But how many of them do you recall?”

With this overload of publicity, people have learnt to switch off. So how brands manage to get their message across?

Clement Chan, Brand Commercial Manager at Procter & Gamble (P&G), reveals how successful companies have switched from a push to pull approach to capture the attention of the customers.

“You need to be there when they want to hear from you,”

says Chan in his presentation at the Digital Marketing Festival organised by Imperial College.

P&G, the giant retailer of consumer goods, has a secret formula to ensure its message reaches the desired audience: catch, connect and close.

  • Catch: you need to know where the customer is in the journey and catch them with a short snappy message. Videos work well and anything more than 5s is too long when they are on the go. During the week end or in off-peak time, longer content would be more appropriate.

The most important thing is to be where they are looking. Figure out which platforms your prospects are using – mobile, social media, google, etc- and adapt your content and format to that channel.

  • Connect: give relevant content to people once you catch them. Keep it simple, no jargon. Communication needs to be personalised. Provide educational information to establish trust and use emotional elements to make it compelling. Buzzfeed notoriously use cats and dogs to build that emotional connection but you don’t have to use the same if that doesn’t fit your brand. Other elements that can make you be more humane will do
  • Close: Always add a call to action with a link to move them further down your sales funnel.

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