❤️ One of the things that bring me the most joy is when my private clients or attendees in my workshops and training create their Personal Mission Statement (PMS).

The PMS is the first step when you clearly identify and articulate who you really are, your mission and the values that guide you to do what you do.

I delivered is about helping entrepreneurs and business leaders to build their Personal Mission Statement.

I’ve delivered this workshop to a group of 30+ entrepreneurs recently and the insights were profound. It doesn’t matter whether you are starting out or if you are a seasoned business owner.

It’s important to revisit your PMS regularly to connect deeply to why you do what you do and close the gap.

So, I thought I‘d share with you today the 7 key questions you need to ask yourself to start defining your vision:

  1. What do you want to be known for?
  2. What do you want to be Number One in?
  3. Who cares if you no longer exist? (Outside your friends and family)
  4. Who do you want to be a hero or guide to? Why?
  5. Which 3 words do you want people to use to define who you are?
  6. What infuriates you the most in life?
  7. What are you willing to die for? (Outside your friends and family)

These are profound questions that are not necessarily easy to answer but when you do it takes you a big step closer to living your purpose.

Download the document with the 7 questions below

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I am Francine Beleyi, digital strategist, business mentor and personal branding expert. I am also the founder of nucleus of change and author of Personal Branding in the Digital Age: how to become a known expert, thrive and make a difference in a connected world. I am a speaker and the host of the podcast MWML podcast where I interview CEOs, entrepreneurs and thought leaders who share their journey both their success and struggles to inspire us to live a meaningful life.

I am on a mission to empowering purpose-driven business leaders to position themselves as an authority in their field, attract their ideal clients and impact thousands globally.

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