We sometimes tend to forget or underestimate what we’ve achieved in a year. It is a good practice at the end of the year to look back to reflect and write down what we have achieved instead of being defeated by what we haven’t been able to do. This helps us carry positive energy into the new year.

If you haven’t done it yet, I invite you to take a moment to reflect on your achievements.

In no particular order, here are 15 things I am grateful for and take away from 2021

  • Led 120+ hours of training of Personal branding, Inclusive Leadership and Business
  • Impacted directly to 2500+ entrepreneurs/professionals and millions indirectly


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  • Let go of old relationships that were holding me back
  • Reconnected with old friends who bring me joy
  • Spent time in Togo on my mum’s grave and enjoyed quality time with family & friends


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  • Celebrated my birthday with a lavish party thrown by my family

  • Strengthened my faith & relationship with God
  • Reconnected with Kundalini yoga after I left it 20 years ago
  • Introduced to Transcendental Meditation and still meditate twice daily – it keeps me sane!
  • Keeping up with Ayurvedic diet most of the time!
  • 3x jabbed with the covid-19 vaccine!
  • Finished writing a chapter of an academic book about digitalisation cooperation between EU & AU – to be published in 2022 by Routledge – wow! Writing an academic book is no joke!
  • Nominated in the list of the 500 most influential Africans in the world

  • Interviewed to feature in a book on Women in Tech to be published in 2022
  • My biggest takeaway of the year: There is always a solution to any problem

️ What I am excited about in 2022?

  1. Impacting 5000 entrepreneurs & professionals directly with my programs
  2. Ask more often. On this note, I am starting a 21-day challenge on the 03rd of January 2022.

It’s called the ‘Scary Ask Challenge’ #SAC. Why? Each year I pick a theme for my year and in 2022 the theme will be ‘Just Ask’. Have you heard that women don’t ask? There is even a book with that title.

So, to quick-start the year and embed this theme in what I do I will be asking daily for something that scares me but that could move the needle in my personal and professional life.

If this is also the year that you finally want to move things forward rather than just think about them, join me in the ‘Scary Ask Challenge’ to practise your ‘asking’ muscles. We will have a daily activity that scares us to complete. It starts on Monday the 03rd January 2022. It will be scary but fun as we do it together!

If you want to join the challenge, it’s here.

🧨 Happy, healthy & prosperous 2022



About Francine Beleyi

I am Francine Beleyi, digital strategist, business mentor and personal branding expert. I am also the founder of nucleus of change and author of Personal Branding in the Digital Age: how to become a known expert, thrive and make a difference in a connected world. I am a speaker and the host of the podcast MWML podcast where I interview CEOs, entrepreneurs and thought leaders who share their journey both their success and struggles to inspire us to live a meaningful life.

I am on a mission to empower purpose-driven business leaders to position themselves as an authority in their field, attract their ideal clients and impact thousands globally.

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