AfriconEU and ATBN, July 2023, UK/online

  • Ran an impactful session on ‘Digital Marketing in the Age of AI’ for 36 participants.
  • Equipped attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the digital marketing landscape.
  • Provided insights on tool selection, personal branding, and AI technologies like ChatGPT and Dalle.
  • Received positive feedback from Eunice Ball, founder of ATBN, who stated, “Francine was able to deliver an impactful session which exceeded our expectations.”

DL Week, June 2023, UK/online

  • Presented a talk to 90+ registered on “Personal Branding for Purpose-Driven Leaders” during the Digital Leaders ‘Week in the UK.

Isla Lang Centre, June 2023, Lomé, Togo

  • Conducted a 2-hour personal branding workshop for students at the first bilingual university in Togo to land their dream job or as entrepreneurs at the end of their studies.

Programme de Mentorat de KDA pour les Jeunes, June 2023, Lome, Togo

  • Delivered a 2-hour workshop as part of a mentoring program for 10 young people.
  • “In 2 hours, Francine gave an excellent overview of branding while presenting the difference between personal and professional branding. Her 7-pillar approach is very clear. I certainly chose the right person to present this topic.” – Kayissan Dominique ATAYI, KDA, Programme de Mentorat de KDA pour les Jeunes.

KYA-Energy Group, June 2023, Lomé -Togo

  • Ran a 2-day personal branding and employee advocacy training & 3-month coaching for 18 managers at International renewable energy and energy efficiency company facing sales and employee engagement challenges.
  • Training resulted in increased engagement with the company’s digital platforms, greater collaboration and thought leadership.
  • Received raving feedback from participants and the CEO praising the impact of the training.

Digifemmes, June 2023, online

  • Conducted a workshop for 150 women in Cote d’Ivoire training to become full-stack developers.
  • “We wanted to raise our beneficiaries’ awareness of the importance of creating and maintaining personal branding as a future Full Stack Developer. The learners have already started to put into practice what they’ve learned and to better structure and define a clear communication strategy on their social media pages.” – Sandra Takassi Kikpa, DigiFemmes.

 ATDA 2023, Mai 2023, Madagascar/hybrid

  • Invited to speak at the ATDA Madagascar panel on “Diasporic Dynamics, Mobile Learning, Intra-African Mobility, Repatriation, and the Transformative Work for Africa.”
  • Shared how the seven pillars of personal branding can be applied to the return of African talents to Africa, emphasising how to prepare this transition strategically for a maximum individual impact.

New World TV, Mai 2023, Lomé, Togo

  • Interviewed by New World TV, a leading national TV channel in Togo, to discuss the place of women in the digital world during International Women’s Day.

Global Development Policy Forum, December 2022, Lomé, Togo

  • Presented a talk and open forum on “Quality Education and Capacity Building” to Lomé Business School 100+ students and other attendees.
  • Discussed the findings of the book ‘Africa–Europe Cooperation and Digital Transformation’ and the chapter I wrote as a co-author: ‘Fostering the Prosperity of African women entrepreneurs: opportunities for AU-EU Cooperation in digital entrepreneurship networks’ to address the challenges of African women entrepreneurs and foster prosperity through Online Digital Social Networks (ODSN).

Global Entrepreneurship Week, November 2022, Lome, Togo

  • Panelist at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Togo on “Fostering Entrepreneurs’ Ecosystem. During the Global Entrepreneurship Week

CMTT, September 2022, Lomé, Togo

  • Conducted a workshop for 15+ attendees on “How to Succeed as Professionals and Entrepreneurs with Personal Branding.”
  • Participants learnt how to better promote themselves and gain recognition in their field, how to attract the attention of clients, recruiters or partners to create new opportunities.

Soiree Amazones, Lomé, Togo, July 2022

  • Panelist at the “Dare to Shine: Free Yourself from the Brakes and Limits to Take Your Place as an African Woman.” Attended by 100+ attendees at Ioka hotel in Lomé.

Empowering Women in Rural, June 2022, Kara, Togo

  • Conducted a workshop for 15+ teachers on “How to Build Their Personal Branding.”

Entrepreneurship Fair 2022, Familicao, Portugal, May 2022

  • Delivered a keynote speech to 100+ startup entrepreneurs on “The Future of Startups.”

Avanade, IT Girls, Vienna, April 2022

  • Delivered a keynote speech to a 100+ audience, inspiring young girls to embrace the STEM curriculum.
  • One of 18 women featured in the book “IT-girls” by Christiane Noll, CEO of Avanade.

SETI, Vienna, April 2022

Inclusive Boards, February 2022, online

  • Inclusive Boards, a UK consultancy specialising in diversity and inclusion, was aiming to empower 15 high-potential Black leaders for board positions.
  • Facilitated a 3-hour session that provided insights into the critical competencies necessary to stand out and develop a powerful personal brand that attracts desired board opportunities.
  • Unpacked the critical competencies needed to stand out and develop a powerful personal brand to attract desired board opportunities.
  • Received high praise for the training by participants and the Program Manager, Katie Petrou, stating: “The content of Francine’s training was excellent. I have organised many training courses on personal branding, and I’ve never seen this approach and perspectives in other training.”

ING, February 2022, Europe/ online

  • ING, a global European bank, was looking to bring the company’s core message to life, provide personal development opportunities to employees and navigate a fast-changing workplace.
  • Conducted a Personal Branding webinar for 50 HR professionals emphasising the significance of enhancing communication skills and adopting a customer-centric approach.
  • Empowered attendees to effectively share their message on social media platforms, positively impacting their personal and the company’s employer brand.
  • Received positive feedback from participants and the organiser Jason-Louise Graham, CoE Talent & Learning Project Manager at ING Bank: “Our participants found it dynamic, fun, and different.”

The Bootstrap Business School Bootcamp, January 2022, online

  • Ran a 75-minute workshop for aspiring entrepreneurs from minority backgrounds in the Tampa Bay area.
  • Led workshop for 20+ aspiring entrepreneurs at the Bootstrap Business School Bootcamp.
  • Guided participants on the importance of finding a niche and standing out in a competitive market.
  • This resulted in nearly every participant identifying a specific niche and making progress in branding and marketing strategies.
  • “Francine is an accomplished professional. She is an excellent communicator; She excels beyond expectations! If you are looking for a reliable and exciting speaker for your next event, I highly recommend Francine. She was one of the most chosen presenters in our end-of-program survey when we asked them to choose 3 of their favourite speakers. Annabelle Ship, Founder, CE0 and Senior Trainer| Bootstrap Business School, Inc. USA.”

Mastering Entrepreneurship, Online, March 2022

  • A Conversation Guide: Leading Women to Professional and Entrepreneurial Success
  • Presented a talk to black women in the Chicago area, preparing them for post-COVID changes in their entrepreneurial endeavours.
  • “Francine was well prepared, on target, informative, inclusive, energising, engaging, and embracing. It is a conversation, and she listens. Participants had a lot of ‘Ah Ha’ moments.” – Angela Romeo, Zaccato Concept LLC.

Professional Women’s Association (PWA), October 2021, online

PWA is an international hub in Rome, representing the most international professional women in Italy for over 25 years.

  • Presented a talk on “Maximise Your Confidence and Impact by Understanding Your Leadership Style” to PWA members across Europe.
  • “Francine, you are amazing; I can’t thank you enough for the great workshop and high-quality content. It was full of great advice and inspiring content. Our attendees highly appreciated the content and the thought-provoking exercises. They felt encouraged and energised to work on the various topics we discussed during the workshop.” – Krisztina Szaraz, Professional Development Director, PWA.

Super Entrepreneur, TV Reality Show for Youth Empowerment, September 2021, Lome, Togo

  • Delivered a talk on personal branding in the digital age to the 20 selected candidates of the program.
  • “The session was very interactive and got the attendees very much involved. Francine has thought-provoking questions and seeks to impact her participants in their quest to understand the importance of digital branding and personal values. I learned from her the importance of mastering one’s expertise.” – Cynthia E. Gnassingbe-Essonam, Super Entrepreneur.

APS Intelligence, 2021, online

APS Intelligence, a UK leadership development consultancy, sought a skilled D&I trainer & facilitator to run training sessions for their corporate clients.

  • Facilitated online race fluency and inclusive leadership programs for Senior Managers and Executives in multinational corporations and professional & financial services.
  • Delivered 105 hours of training to +2500 people and received positive feedback from participants.

African Diaspora Youth Forum in Europe (ADYFE), Virtual, January/June 2021

  • The African Diaspora Youth Forum in Europe (ADYFE), the largest African Diaspora Youth empowerment platform in Europe, reached out to lead a workshop on entrepreneurship.
  • Conducted Personal Branding and Business Model Training for 20 Young African Diaspora Entrepreneurs.
  • “We wanted the best to run the training to foster enterprises creation of diaspora. Francine’s unique knowledge of this topic was what we needed to boost our entrepreneurs’ skills in communication and branding. She is incredible, very professional, communicative with great content and delivers a unique experience. We had excellent participant feedback, and we would love to work with her again.” – Youssouf Simbo Diakite,

Ifempower, Virtual, January 2021

  • Ifempower is an Erasmus-funded project on fostering female entrepreneurship.
  • Delivered a talk on “Digitalization in Companies, Online Networking & the Company without Borders” for 20 Young Women Entrepreneurs.
  • “Ms. Beleyi’s presentation brought an additional key benefit to the participants.” – Jürgen Raizner, Director of Steinbeis enters the regions of Stuttgart, Bucharest, Uzhgorod, and Vienna.

Africanity Summit, Virtual, December 2020/April 2021

  • Invited to speak at the summit of Africanity, themed “Made In Africa: Giving the floor to African women,” aiming to support African women and youth in entrepreneurship.
  • Delivered a talk on “Personal Branding, Economic Tool for Women’s Empowerment” to a global audience.

African Summit on Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ASENTI), UNIDO, Virtual, November 2020.

  • Invited to the panel “FinTech’s Impact on African Entrepreneurs: COVID-19 as a catalyst for digital transformation” to provide my perspective.
  • “We were honoured to work with Francine during the African Summit on Entrepreneurship and Innovation -ASENTI 2020 She is exceptional with great and diverse knowledge of digital marketing and a great speaker and trainer.” Calvin Jodisi, Program Manager-LakeHub

UNIDO & Institute of Branding, Vienna, October 2020

  • Presented a talk on “Women’s Empowerment in the Digital Age” at the Women Leadership Forum hybrid event.
  • “Francine is a dynamic and insightful speaker! It was a great pleasure to have her as a panellist at the Women’s Forum on Leadership in October 2020 at the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna, Austria. She showed how essential it is to empower women in the digital age. She also provided concrete tools for women to build a credible and strong personal brand based on the YEANICC method.” – Hawa-Saadou Kebe, UNIDO Project Officer.

Rise & Lead Summit, Virtual, July 2020

  • Invited to the Rise and Lead Summit that brings together industry leaders, change-makers, and organisations to share best practices, learn new skills and drive the change towards real diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Conducted a workshop on “Global Attraction Secrets: 3 Keys to Attract Ideal Clients & Impact Thousands.”

World Forum Digital, July 2020, Online

  • The Digital Economy Development Fund created an online forum devoted to the digital transformation of business during the covid 19 pandemic. Speakers were invited from London, New York, Hong Kong, Moscow, Seoul, Boston, Singapore, and Dubai to 100.000 participants
  • Delivered a keynote on “Global Attraction Secrets: 3 Keys to Attract Ideal Clients & Impact Thousands” to a global audience.

Institute of Directors (IOD), London, March 2020

  • Delivered a talk on the power of Personal Branding for women during International Women’s Day.
  • “Very pleased with her presentation, which undoubtedly contributed to the event’s success.” – Mei Sim Lai, IoD City.

Les Imperiales 2020, Brand & Tech Event, Casablanca, February 2020

  • Invited to the 3-day event for the professionals of Marketing, Communication, Media, Advertising, and Digital in Morocco. Theme: ‘Brand &Tech: How to Reinvent Yourself?’
  • Delivered a keynote and workshop on the power of branding for individuals and organisations.
  • “Francine was a great asset during the event, where she shared her knowledge and expertise about personal branding. Her delivery style was well appreciated by Moroccan professionals.” – Shehrazed Dada, Organizer, Les Imperiales.

 Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Morocco (AFEM), Marrakech, February 2020

  • Conducted a Personal Branding and Content Strategy Workshop for 30 established Women Business Owners.

Women in Manufacturing Summit 4.0, Montreal, November 2019

  • Delivered a talk on “Empowering Women in STEM” and was interviewed for the YouTube series “Women and Power” by Caroline Da Silva.
  • “Francine is an expert with authenticity and integrity.” – Saadia Lakehal, Founder, Emperia Industries.

Africa-IT-Expo (AITEX): What Digital for the Africa of the Future, Rabat, 2018

  • Interviewed two speakers live in front of an audience of senior decision-makers from government, business, and tech.

Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Morocco (AFEM), Marrakech, March 2018

  • Conducted a 1-day content strategy workshop for 20 women business owners in Marrakech.

African Union, 9th AU Private Sector Forum, Pretoria, South Africa, 2017

  • Invited to attend the 9th AU Private Sector Forum “Accelerating Africa’s Industrialization through Digitalization and Youth Techpreneurship,”

MIT-sponsored Field Trip, Makuleke, South Africa, August 2016

  • Selected as one of twelve experts to participate in an innovative strategic workshop on inclusive science, engineering, innovation, and entrepreneurship in Africa. Contributed to designing the bottom-up curriculum for a summer school to empower young Africans from grassroots levels.

ESCP Europe Alumni Association, London, UK, 2016

  • Conducted a workshop on how to create innovative business models to ESCP Alumni
  • “The conference was a success, and the participants asked for more!” – Iva Fiori, International Career Manager, ESCP Europe Alumni Association.

Togolese Diaspora in the UK, London, UK, 2015

  • Presented the digital economy opportunities for women in the diaspora.

City Business Library, London, UK, 2009-2012

  • Delivered workshops on marketing and branding to startups, growing businesses, and aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them start and grow their businesses. “Thank you for making our events a tremendous success.” – Goretti Considine, Head of City Business Library.