“Often, it is when things have reached their very worst, that the germ of an idea or an insight occurs. Now is the time to do something .” Francine Beleyi.” – Francine Beleyi

Welcome to the Episode 55 of MWML Podcast 

Do you sometimes feel that no matter what you try, you are still stuck in inertia and can’t get anything moving? 

Welcome to this new episode of MWML podcast. Last week I explained how to make sense of the situation we are all finding ourselves in with the Coronavirus and understand the 5 stages of change to get prepared to what is coming ahead.

In today’s episode, I am bringing you some practical ways to manage your time by adopting the rhythm of nature to achieve your goals with less resistance.

During this time where we are all confined at home, it’s going to be very important to stay motivated during the long waiting phase and have some rhythm to remain productive.

Even before this lockdown, we have all experienced times when nothing seemed to be moving as we wanted. The more we tried hard and continued doing more of what we did to get out of the inertia, the more we dug deeper and couldn’t find a way to get out of this apathy.

It turns out that understanding how energy works and how flow happens can help us tremendously to get unstuck and start moving things again.

In this episode, I cover the 5 types of energies available, how to use them to experience flow in our life, and how to apply the same principles in our daily life to boost our productivity. 

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The season 6 of the show is coming next time with amazing guests and a focus on how to make the most of the online work. You’ll learn how health experts, online marketing gurus, educators, business people, psychologists and more are making the most of the online world to have a more significant impact.

Listen to this episode to find hope and courage to keep motivated in this challenging time.


Follow the Energy flow (IN/OUT)


Generate enough energy to be able to sustain you – Time to resource yourself, relax, sing, walk in a park…do any activity to regenerate yourself – It’s a neutral or grounded energy

2/ Physical matters

The physical matters relating to safety, security, health; keeping a roof on your head, having enough to eat, clothes to wear, stay safe, having a job, a business, all money matters…. It’s Inward energy because it involves a sense of self-protection/ survival.

3/ Emotional aspects

The emotional level relates to all elements that include a connection, bonding with others, love, friendship, family, networking, etc. This is Outward energy as it requires to go towards others

4/ Intellectual aspects

The Intellectual level relates to all things learning:  acquiring new skills, researching, reading, strategising… It’s Inward energy as it focusses on activities with a lot of self-implication – even if you are researching with others, the learning is deeply personal.

5/ Creative endeavours

At the Creative stage, we have gained meaning from our learning and experience, we are discovering our purpose, we feel an urge to contribute and helping others; it also involves spiritual pursuit, meditation, connection with a nation or culture in a broad sense. This is an outward energy

Applying the Energy Flow In Our Life

We can see that this cycle follows a pattern of IN and OUT energy just like breathing IN and OUT or having day and night.

We can’t stay in one state all the time and expect to have a balance. When you think about walking, for example, and stay in balance, it’s because we put one foot in front and the next comes after. We cannot walk with the same left leg or right leg to move forward without struggling. We must alternate right and left to move smoothly.

When it comes to our activities in life, we often don’t pay much attention at which energy we are putting out there and if it’s supporting us or creating challenge or inertia. If you’ve been doing the same inwards activities all the time without alternate with grounding or outward activities, don’t get surprised if you feel burn out or exhausted and you feel you are stagnating. 

If you look closely at the activities you’ve been doing, you will find out they are the same energy, and they need a change of gear.

Applying the Energy Flow In Our Weekly Planning

We can apply the same energy flow principle in our work and life calendar to better balance energies and be more productive.

Pick where to start – Let say, for example, that I start my week on:

  • Sunday with a focus on energy. On Sunday I’ll make sure my priority goes to activities related to energy: relaxing, recharging my battery, doing something fun, etc.

But you may choose yours to be a Monday or Thursday; it doesn’t matter which day you pick

  • Monday I’ll focus on Physical related activities: can be my job, my business, my financial matters, etc.… (IN activity)
  • Tuesday focus will be Emotional: teaching, Livestream/podcast, networking, Newsletter out… (OUT)
  • Wednesday Intellectual focus: learning new stuff, do some research – market research, create a strategy for a new product launch, etc.… (IN)
  • Thursday, Creative activities: focussing on volunteering, or setting up the direction of my company (OUT)
  • Friday, Energy activities: build motivation for your team, have fun (GROUND)
  • Saturday, Physical activities: exercise, taking care of your health, possessions, house repairs…. (IN) | or Emotional activities: catch up with friends, family, etc….   (OUT)  à Note: it’s fine to have IN or OUT activity after a grounded period.

Then you get back to Sunday with your energy activity to relax and start over your week again. Customise this as it suits you but respecting the IN and OUT sequence.

Applying the Energy Flow In Our Daily Planning

The same energy flow principles can be applied in our daily life. Think about when you wake until you go back at night and split your time into the frequency that feels natural to your rhythm.

You can reorganise your activities to follow this flow by the hour or block of hours – if you are an early bird, perhaps you may have this schedule: 

  • 4-5 am energy (recharging your batteries)
  • 5-6 am physical (exercise)
  • 6-7 am Emotional (connecting with family, …)
  • 8-10 am Intellectual (research, planning, learning…)
  • 10-12 pm creativity (writing proposal….)

Then you continue the cycle in the afternoon. This will keep you fully energise when you focus your time doing one type of activity

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Action points

What is your key takeaway from this episode? What are you committed to do today to find more meaning in your work and live a more meaningful life? Share your thoughts below.

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