Have you hit the goals you planned or have you let them slipped away like you did last year and the year before that?

Welcome to the Bonus episode of the season 1 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, the show that empower you to redefine the life you want and live your best life now!

This is a time for me to take a pause after the 15th episode to thank you all my listeners. Thank you for your support, the messages and reviews that you’ve left me whether it’s on iTunes, social media, on my website or by direct email. These messages mean a lot to me and encourage me to bring you more inspiration.

I’ve started this podcast back in January 2019 and we are now in April. 15 episodes is a good milestone, but I am only getting started and would love to celebrate my 50th episode, 100th episode and much more!

This podcast is the place where I interview today’s most inspiring thought-leaders, authors, speakers, CEOs, entrepreneurs and change makers who share how they found & followed their path in life. I want to have honest conversations with my guests to share both their successes and failures and you’ve seen how many of them were open and sincere when sharing what it took to get to where they are now.

Thought-provoking Insights and Practical Frameworks  

I’ve been so inspired and learnt so much with my guests in the season 1 and hope you were too. They have given actionable steps and very useful frameworks to help come up with our own answers to live a fulfilled life

Akhatar Badhash (ep 8) shared the 6 Cs to live a fulfilled life: Conviction, Creativity, Capability, Capacity, Commitment and Compassion.

Suki Fuller (ep 9) shared the 3 As to apply to move from a mundane job to do something meaningful: Awareness of what you want to do, Advocacy is what you need to do to get there and finally, Action to make it happen.

Andrew Priestley (ep 13) talked about the 3 things that need to occur to achieve meaning: you’ve got to love what you do; you’ve got to actually be good at it and find where can you achieve the most value.

Jazz Rasool (ep 10) shared 3 core things that need to happen to bring you life: what you’re passionate about, what you’re talented in and what you have a sense of responsibility or duty for. If those 3 conditions are not there, you will struggle to make it.

You’ve heard all their amazing stories, their struggles and how they’ve come through on the other side. There is so much more wisdom from my other guests and I really invite you to listen to them all as they bring a different perspective that will give you much clarity.

I am preparing the Season 2 of the show with even more inspiring stories and very granular actionable steps my guests have taken to get to where they are today and how you too can do the same.

While I am putting all this in place, I will keep you company in the next episodes with my own insights of what you might consider to do meaningful work and live a meaningful life.

If there is a specific topic, you’d like me to discuss, please send me a message or comment under the show notes at www.francinebeleyi.com/podcast. I might pick your question to answer on the show; so don’t hesitate to send me your questions.

It’s time for a Reality check

Today’s episode is about uncovering some insights from the past three months not just for me with this podcast, but I’d like you to take this opportunity also to reflect.

You started this year with some goals that you wanted to achieve…Perhaps you wanted to have more meaning in your work, do something that matters to you. Or you started the year with the desire to increase your income, save more money or make a significant investment. Or maybe you said, you know what? I am ready to make a difference in the world and would like to become a recognised thought leader in my field and create a movement with a cause that I am so passionate about.

Whatever it was, where are you now? The first 3 months of the year are now behind us; it’s time to do a reality check.

What have you been able to achieve this past quarter?

Have you hit the goals you planned or have you let them slipped away like you did last year and the year before that? Take an honest look based on what you thought you’ll achieve this year and check where you are at?

The good news  is that there are 3 more quarters left and a lot can be done during this time!

How are you going to adjust this new quarter to get back on track with your goals?

  • Have you clearly defined what matter the most in your life and what you are trying to accomplish?
  • Are you happy with the income you are earning?
  • Do people in your industry know who you are and are people you want to be hero to know your vision and are mobilised to help you lead your movement?

If you answered no to any of these questions, I have a gift for you. I have released 3 tools/ planners I’ve used over the years for myself or with my clients to help you make the most of the rest of the year. To grab them, go to www.francinebeleyi.com/3m 

If you want a more personalised guidance, book a strategic call with me. I look forward to serving you.


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