Overview Episode 95

I had great conversations with my guests in this season 8, focussed on the great re-evaluation where we discussed their perspective on the great resignation that saw a massive exodus of employees out of their jobs during the covid 19 pandemic.

I thought I’d select the takeaways of our conversations in these short extracts. Of course, you can listen or listen again to the full episodes to get the full interviews.

We’ve explored many angles and the implications of the great resignation: from purpose, to finding clarity, to financial wellbeing and health wellbeing, the end of a system and the need to reinvent a more empowering one where people can go to work and expect to have a great experience.

The takeaway 1 is that this phenomenon of great resignation is a build-up of many years of bad practices.

in episode 93, Nicole Townsend, founder of experience counts shares why she thinks that the pandemic was the perfect catalyst for employees who already felt burn out to quit and start their own venture.

Listen to the full episode 93 now.



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