“Your wealth is directly linked to your way of thinking”- Caitriona Ellis


Overview Episode 94

“Your wealth is directly linked to your way of thinking”- Caitriona Ellis

When the pain of staying in a job you hate becomes greater than the paycheck that you’ll lose, the decision can be quick to get out of there.

That’s where many people find themselves when to quit their job to join the great resignation.

Beyond the obvious financial consequences, how can you best prepare when faced with this choice?

My guest Caitriona Ellis, a Financial Wellness expert and qualified financial advisor, has many practical insights and personal stories to share.

She works with women who want to empower themselves and increase their financial literacy to create the lives they desire and never make decisions based on money.

She went from financial desperation to financial wellness and is passionate about empowering women to increase their financial literacy. 

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How going through a divorce during the pandemic was a significant and emotional experience and how Caitriona realised the big financial piece that was missing when she thought she had a good financial foundation
  • The framework she now uses with 5 Clues to Financial Wellness Success to help women become financially savvy.
  • What to do if you have taken the plunge and quit your job? What might you need to consider for your next steps?What to do if you are hesitating to leave a job that you don’t like
  • How many women are stepping up into the light to take on their power and do what they want.
  • She shares how she realised that family ties were holding her back and yet risked it all to liberate herself.
  • How to be ok if your family don’t get who you are and what you do and find your tribe instead
    Caitriona is creating a movement to spread financial wellness love far and wide.

And much more

Listen to episode 94 now.

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