“Unless somebody is not performing, you should trust them to be able to complete their work, to reach out to people when they need that and to manage their own time.” Nicole Townsend


Overview Episode 93

After two years of the pandemic that shook the core of who we are, we are yearning to connect to good simple values that make us human. So, when I spotted this post on LinkedIn, I couldn’t resist liking it and commenting.

Little did I know that this post was going viral with 2.5 million views and 30,000+ people reacting to it.

I invited her to talk about the key lessons she’s learned from that post and share her journey as an HR professional and her perspective on the great resignation.

In today’s episode 93 of the Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, I am delighted to talk to Nicole Townsend, the founder of experience counts. She works with companies and leaders to support their employee experience. Right from the moment someone wants to join the company, through the recruitment process and then developing and growing them, helping them navigate change, and even through their exit.

The reporter turned Marketing/HR professional has developed an acute understanding that employees are just as crucial to a company as the customers, if not more. She believes that it’s important to understand employees’ experiences at every point to encourage them to do their best and connect to the purpose. Why?

When people feel empowered, they give their all, which leads to positive business results.
In our conversation, Nicole shared how she was laid off then started her business successfully just before the pandemic and the critical secrets behind employees’ loyalty and satisfaction at work.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why fulfilled individuals will exceed business goals
  • How highly engaged employees contribute to high performance.
  • Why it’s so hard for some companies to put their employees in an empowering seat
  • Why leaders need to understand the individuals on their team and what they can do to get people excited to work with them
  • The common traits that a servant leader or a caring leader has and how to develop them
  • Ways to bring employer branding and corporate branding together
  • Why organisations should let go of the command-and-control style to embrace a trusted and empowered way of managing people
  • Why it’s essential to build your own identity separate from the company you work for and build your network

And much more

Listen to episode 93 now.

Action points

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