“Management is all about motivating people; when you have to retain, it’s already too late.” – Jennifer Webb de Comarmond

Overview Episode 92

  • Have you ever wondered why people-centric organisations are also high performing organisations?
  • Do you ask yourself how organisations can move from a repressive command-and-control style to build trust with employees, especially after the great resignation?
  • Do you think that it’s high time that employee experience becomes a key priority for organisations, as is customer experience at least or even higher?

In today’s episode 92 of the Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, my guest is Jennifer Webb de Comarmond. She is an entrepreneur passionate about HR, the future of work, and helping businesses grow through their only asset: people. Her company, Proactive Talent Solutions, is the leading recruitment company in Mauritius.

In our conversation, Jennifer explained why it’s hard for organisations to attract and retain high performers and shared the simple 5-step framework that has worked for her organisation and the clients she helped.

She believes that a good job can transform a person and that the right person can transform a business.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

    • How managers can develop their leadership skills and emotional intelligence, and empathy to manage people best
    • How to foster trust in teams with a psychological tool called the Johari window
    • How leaders can help people discover their purpose and link it to the organisation purpose to drive higher performance.
    • Why it’s essential to create at least the same if not better employee experience as the customer experience
    • Why connecting marketing to HR, connecting employer branding and corporate branding to build integrated employee and customer experiences need to become the focus in organisations.
    • Why employers who see opportunities in the great resignation will win the war of talent.

And much more

Listen to episode 92 now.

Action points

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