‘‘If we’re not pursuing our souls’ purpose, we’re really doing a disservice to the world.’ Meredith Keith-Chirch


Overview Episode 91

Have you ever wanted to do something in a certain way but was told by experts why you shouldn’t do it that way only to find out later you were right in the first place? 

We often have a gut feeling to move in a certain way, but we don’t trust our intuition.  

How do you find your power to make bold and empowering choices for yourself even when they don’t sound logical or rational to others?   

In today’s episode 91 of the Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, my guest is Meredith Keith-Chirch, who helps high-achieving perfectionists take care of themselves and do their soul’s work that brings them joy. She is the founder of Decolonizing Your Health. 

Meredith explained how she escaped a job she hates to do what she loves. She follows a minimalistic lifestyle, makes unconventional choices by raising kids outside the school system and lives car-free. 


What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • The key lessons about having a fit and healthy dad and a mum struggling with her health 
  • How to make challenging and empowering life choices with the ‘Listen/Think/Do’ framework  
  • How to break through the mold and expectations from the society or past conditioning 
  • How to take action even when we don’t have all the information and certainty  
  • How to get over the fear of rejection and not take things personally  
  • How we can reintroduce ancient wisdom in our life and let go of  modern stuff that don’t serve us  
  • The art of making radical changes step by step and embracing fear 
  • Why the great resignation offers the opportunity to redesign healthier relationships at work  
  • Why we should set strong boundaries both in personal and professional life  

And much more

Meredith believes that when we make ourselves a priority, we will end up taking care of others. Not the other way round.


Listen to episode 91 now.

Action points

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