‘‘You cannot make an impact if you don’t take care of yourself’. Carlotta Tate-Olason


Overview Episode 90

Do you wish that you could reverse ageing and look 10 or 20 years younger?
Well, this may be closer to your reach than you think.

In today’s episode 90 of the Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, my guest is Carlotta Tate-Olason, an Expat therapist and Anti-Ageing Mentor. She works with a ground-breaking model of “Reverse Ageing” to turn back the biological clock.
Carlotta is also the founder & editor of Erlendur Magazine, the 1st Digital English Magazine in Iceland showcasing Expats.
She reveals how she battled dyslexia and learnt to be resilient and resourceful as an Expat from Jamaica living in Europe. She also shares a powerful framework to improve our overall well-being and the importance of understanding cultural diversity.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

• How some relationships can age you prematurely
• Why nobody can help you find your purpose
• How to use a powerful framework to get unstuck
• How wellbeing needs to be a priority in organisations, especially after the great resignation
• Why having healthy boundaries in the workplace and taking responsibility for our life will serve us
• The power of having a personal branding to do meaningful work and live a meaningful life
• Understand that you can’t save the world and it’s ok to do whatever you can

And much more

Listen to episode 90 now.

Action points

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