“My purpose is to help individuals recognise and realise the value that they bring and to help people to see that in others as well.” Susan Popoola


Overview Episode 88

I enjoyed talking with Susan Popoola in this 88th episode of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast.
Susan Popoola is a qualified Human Resources professional and coach specialising in Transformation, Talent Management and Engagement.
She calls herself a Human Value Optimisation Specialist. She focuses on fully optimising the value that people bring to benefit the individual and the people around them. She is developing a Mosaic World where everyone is fully appreciated and valued. Susan is also a speaker and the author of 3 books.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

• Interesting findings on why the gender pay gap subsists in many areas despite all the programs to remediate
• The challenges that impede women’s ability to realise their full potential at both individual and systemic levels.
• What do men really think about women at work?
• How do organisations need to re-think what they value?
• Why do we need more conscious leadership?
• What organisations who have been affected by the great resignation should ask themselves and do now
• The misconceptions about introverts and how she thrives as an introvert in an extroverted world
• The key ingredients to her success are: Trust yourself, believe in yourself and be kind to yourself.
• Susan wants to be remembered as someone who put smiles on people’s life and faces and made their lifestyle a bit better

And much more

Listen to episode 88 now.

Action points

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