Every single individual has a purpose in life, and it is important that we get people to understand how you discover that and articulate it. Akhtar Badshah


Overview Episode 87

In today’s episode 87 of the Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast I am excited to welcome Akhtar Badshah, Founder and Chief Catalyst at the Catalytic Innovators Group. Akhtar is the author of the book ‘Purpose Mindset: How Microsoft Inspires Its Employees & Alumni to Change the World’.

Akhtar explains the process he uses to take people and organisations to discover their purpose and get more meaning in life.


What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • What is a purpose mindset and its 5 key components
  • How to develop a purpose mindset and examples of how people and companies are doing this
  • How organisations can empower employees to develop their personal branding for a win-win outcome
  • Do we discover or create our purpose?
  • How to create a purpose statement
  • What is the difference between purpose, vision, and mission?
  • Why we should focus on our strengths and how to find them
  • Why ‘Bridging networks’ is far more powerful than ‘Bonding Networks’
  • Understand the deep reasons why people are leaving their jobs massively with the great resignation.
  • Why we should focus more on compassion more than empathy

And much more

Listen to episode 87 now. 

Action points

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