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Season 8 of Meaningful work, Meaningful life podcast is back.


Hello, my friends.

I have prepared a great topic and a great lineup of guests to start this year 2022.

How can I ignore the Great Resignation movement that has swept the world of work like a tsunami? Millions of employees are resigning massively from their jobs following the Covid 19 pandemic. And it’s not just the white collars job who can afford to leave but also the essential workers too.

So this season is about the Great Re-Evaluation where I will be chatting with my guests and bringing my own solo insights about what we can do about this great resignation but also what we can do right now to do meaningful work and live a meaningful life.

We’ve all realised that life is too short, and many people are taking the leap to do what they truly want to do now by resigning from jobs that no longer serve them. Others are still unsure what to do. 

My question to you is that:

If you knew you only have a week to live what are you going to do with that time?

  • How are you going to figure out how to best spend your time?
  • What would you be proud to have achieved?

Fast forward to today how can you make sure that you are living your best life now?

Listen to episode 86 and see what’s coming up.

Action points

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