“Get comfortable talking about money…it’s never too late to get financially savvy.” – Francine Beleyi


What are the unresolved money-mindset issues that are crippling your life and prevent you from living the life that you want?


About This Season 7 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful life podcast

Are you afraid of selling or asking for money? Maybe you dread negotiating for what you’re worth or asking for a premium price for your services or products. Whatever it is, if you have some unfinished business around money, you will love this upcoming season 7 of the Meaningful Work, Meaningful life podcast.

In this brand-new season, I will be focussing on Money mindset and the habits that prevent us from achieving what we want in life and how to create new empowering habits.

My guests were once in debt of hundreds of thousands of dollars; they battled money mindset issues and worked hard to overcome their money challenges. They now have be able to start successful businesses while still in their 9 to 5 job, get out of debt, become millionaires, built millions of cash-flowing assets from scratch and added up to 16 streams of income whilst working in a job. But rather than keeping their secrets of success to themselves, they are now on a mission to helping others master their inner money game, build their wealth to grow and prosper.

I am bringing you some of the best money-savvy experts for open and honest conversations about money to help you rebuild your money foundation on solid ground. They come from all the corners of the planet from Africa, Europe, America, India, China and Australia.

They will help you uncover your money scripts, get rid of what no longer serves you and learn new empowering habits & strategies to take control of your financial future.

I can’t wait to bring you my ground-breaking conversations of the season 7. So, tune in next Tuesday 18/08 to start bursting all the money myths & limiting beliefs that are holding you back; get super actionable tips to reset your money blueprint and live your best life now.

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