“We all have abundance in our life, just in different areas.” – Kaye Doran 


Do you sometimes catch yourself using excuses and avoidance tactics for not moving beyond your comfort zone and achieve your goals?

About Kaye Doran

In today’s episode 64 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, I am in conversation with Kaye Doran, an entrepreneur and women’s leadership & life coach. She is devoted & passionate about helping you uncover your next level of personal leadership.

Our Conversation

In this conversation, you’ll discover why Kaye believes that we all have the power of change in our hands. You’ll also learn:

  • How having emotionally unavailable parents at a younger age became a gift in her adult life
  • How the worst situations (including the current pandemic with coronavirus) are an opportunity to go deep inside and connect to the gift it offers 
  • What returning in the workforce in her 40s after running her business taught her
  • The process she uses to get people unstuck and create breakthrough
  • Why we sometimes sabotage our life when things are going well
  • The power of honouring our words
  • How to define and commit to your stabilizers and design the life you want
  • Why you should be self-accountable 

Kaye believes that “You are more deserving than you think’ and recommend to honour yourself and follow through!

Listen to this riveting conversation now and let me know what are your key insights.


Action points

What is your key takeaway from this episode? What are you committed to do today to find more meaning in your work and live a more meaningful life? Share your thoughts below.

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