“Often, it is when things have reached their very worst, that the germ of an idea or an insight occurs. Now is the time to do something .” Francine Beleyi.” – Francine Beleyi

Welcome to the Season 6 of MWML Podcast 

Do you sometimes feel that no matter what you try, you are still stuck in inertia and can’t get anything moving? 

I am excited to let you know that the Season 6 of Meaningful Work Meaningful Life podcast starts next Tuesday with amazing guests, very practical conversations and ideas to do meaningful work and live a meaningful life.

This season focus fits the tough time we are living in as my brand-new guests share their expertise and how they are leveraging the online world to make a bigger impact in other people’s life.


Featured Guests of the Season 6

Some of the guests featuring in this new Season are:

  • Jo Formosa, the creator of Health dynamics, the world’s leading programme based on Ayurveda medicine, an ancient science to understand how your body works and how you can take charge of your health and boost your immune system. She reveals how she’s been able to move online a practice that traditionally was done offline and is now impacting thousands of people across the world
  • You’ll also hear about Tom Morkes, one of the brilliant minds behind some of the most successful and profitable marketing and sales campaigns in the past decade; including a record-setting Kickstarter campaign that generated almost half a million US dollars in 33 days
  • Nicola Lucie, a Shamanic Practitioner & Shadow Work Coach, founder of the Feminine Principle, who support women to unlock the unseen hidden magic held in their unconscious to live an embodied and enriched life full of purpose, possibility and wonder. We will talk about triggers. Understanding what can trigger you in this difficult time when you are living close with someone is important. 
  • Isabelle Methot, CEO and founder of Ellipse who helps entrepreneurs, professionals and managers to understand and better master the subtleties of the English language and Anglo-saxon culture to improve their competitiveness and professionalism in the English-speaking business world. She will share how she is able to make an impact beyond her own imagination
  • Janie Duquette, former lawyer and then artist manager is now the founder of the Academy of Women’s Power and the founder of Group Alma ma terre, a group of business ventures and projects that aim to support and develop feminine leadership. She shares how women should stop asking for services and boost their selling skills
  • and much more

The show notes are available www.francinebeleyi.com/podcast. If you love this episode, share it with your friends and leave me a review.

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Tune in next Tuesday to hear from Jo Formosa who is opening the Season 6 to understand how to take care of your health and boost your immunity.

Action points

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