“Changing ourselves is more important than changing the world – but by changing ourselves we can change the world.” – Francine Beleyi

Welcome to the Episode 53 of MWML Podcast 

I am excited to share today’s message because I think this is one of the missing pieces when it comes to translating our dream into action and what is preventing most people from living the life they want finally.

We may hear the importance of dreams but don’t get the other part of the equation to make our vision happen. To be able to Act, we have to bring focus into what we are here to do, i.e. find a way to help us going in the right direction.

This is what A Mission Statement can help us do and the topic of this episode. How do we create a personal mission statement for our dream? Why is that important?

Listen to this episode to discover the 5-part process that I use for myself and for my clients to create a clear roadmap to achieve your dream. This step by step method is extracted from the Pillar #1 Know Yourself of the 7 Pillars of the YEANICCTM framework in my book Personal Branding in the digital age. It is the foundation to build an Influential Personal brand.


Mission Statement 

A mission is what you do to achieve your dream or vision, i.e. what you’d like to accomplish, and your mission statement defines the roadmap to take you to get there.

When I deliver workshops on how to create a personal mission as part of the bigger objective to create a meaningful personal brand, it’s always an eye-opening to people because most people think that a mission statement is for organisations; but it doesn’t have to be exclusive to them. As an individual, we can and should have our own personal mission statement to guide our path.

My mission is to empower entrepreneurs, CEOs and professionals to have more meaning in their life, make decent money and make a positive difference in the lives of others by becoming leading voices in their industry. 

I have created a mission statement that outlines the critical values to achieve my mission and all the roles I am looking to play in life so that I don’t forget to include in my daily life what is essential for me.

In this episode, I’ll walk you through how I create my personal Mission Statement and how I teach it to my clients and in my workshops.  

You should be able to create a clear mission statement that will serve as your guiding light as you build a personal brand aligned with your desired life.

Before we do that, let talk briefly about when you should have a clear mission statement.

  • You are looking to break through to the next level of your professional or personal life
  • You want to package your skills, passion and interests to become a recognised expert in your chosen industry and attract exciting opportunities 
  • You have a big dream and want to make a bigger impact in the life of others  

So, you got to be clear on how you’ll achieve your goal and having a clear mission statement is somehow your roadmap. This is extracted from the Pillar #1. Know Yourself of the 7 steps of the YEANICC framework developed in my book Personal Branding in the digital age thisis the foundation to build an Influential Personal brand. 

Personal Branding starts with defining and communicating who you are with authenticity requires to be crystal clear about yourself and your motivation.

Why is it important to know Your mission?

To make sure that in whatever you do, you have a sense of meaning & happiness and ensure your journey through life unfolds with passion.

In episode 50It’s time to Dream Again #50 It’s Time to Dream Again’, I talked about the inspiring dreams of some of the famous people we know today like Bill Gates, Martin Luther King, etc.… 

Your own mission should inspire you. This is a 5-part exercise, and you should now take a paper and a pen to think about the answers. If you are driving or are somewhere where it’s impossible to write, come back to it later to complete this exercise; from the playbook that comes as a bonus when you buy the book ‘Personal Branding in the digital age’.

This is Your challenge

  • Once you complete your mission statement, share on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and tag me
  • Book a 15-minute call to go further 

Tune in again next week for our last episode of the Season 5 where I will share with you how you can structure your days and your weeks according to the nature cycle’s to boost your productivity and more.

Action points

What is your key takeaway from this episode? What are you committed to do today to find more meaning in your work and live a more meaningful life? Share your thoughts below.

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